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Store retrieval

The Library Store team can provide items held in a number of restricted access stores on- and off-site. These stores hold the less-frequently consulted material.

Although the retrieval service is not instant access, the stock can be of particular use for members of staff and graduate researchers.

Store items are part of the Library's holdings, and no charge will be made to any user for consulting them. However, fines will apply if the item becomes overdue after being recalled by another reader.

How do members of the University order a Store item?

The catalogue will indicate if an item is located in Store.

If it is a book please click on the REQUEST button to place your order.

To order any other store items, e.g. Journals, Microforms etc., please email full details to

How long will it take and how will I know when it is ready?

We aim to supply requested items within seven working days. We’ll email you when your item/s are ready to collect. All items requested from Library stores will be available to collect from Main Library.

Where do I collect the store item I have requested?

The confirmation email will inform you where to collect your item from in the Main Library.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make?

Yes. Store requests count towards the total requests allowed at any time for all library books which is set at five for students and ten for academic staff. Once you have collected your items you are free to request more.

Can I renew a store item once I have borrowed it?

Yes. Once retrieved, loanable store items are treated as normal loans. If the item has not been recalled you may renew it through the usual channels.

Can external users request store items?

Yes, all our customers are welcome to request store material which they can then consult in the Library.

Please e-mail your request to in advance of your visit. This will enable us to contact you before your visit if there are any problems with your request.

Once retrieved, store items are kept at the Main Library for seven days.

I have ordered a store book, but won't be able to pick it up for a while. What can I do?

Once retrieved, all store items are held at the Main Library for seven days.

If you would like your item to be held for longer, please email Please note that we are unable to hold your item for more than the original seven days if it is requested by another reader.