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Charges and payment

There is a small non-refundable administration charge for each request that is supplied. The charge for each standard request is:

  • Students and Postgraduates of The University of Manchester - £2
  • Current Staff and retired staff of The University of Manchester - £2
  • Graduate members who hold full borrowing rights - £7
  • Full members of the Manchester Medical Society - £7
  • There will be no £2 charge for items supplied via the 'Order a book' scheme.

Charge made to all of the above if material is not collected - £10

Payment can be made using cash, e-payments and payment vouchers. Some services are charged at a higher rate, but we will advise you of this before proceeding with your request.



Faculties and schools may purchase Interlibrary Loans Payment Vouchers for distribution to their staff and students. Each voucher counts as one Inter-Library Loan payment and can be used to place a single Inter-Library Loan request. Please contact us for information. Please note that only vouchers purchased after June 2005 are valid.


Cash and e-payments

Please be aware that some people are unable to credit their online payment account at the moment, meaning they are unable to settle the request charge online. If you already have credit in your account you can still transfer the amount to clear the payment. Payments can still be received in person at the Library. IT are looking into this issue.

Once the charge has been placed on your account, you can pay using electronic payments. Please log on to My Manchester and go to epayments which is under the My Services tab. If accessing My Manchester through StaffNet, click on the 'view all' option in the Finance heading.


Further details are available from Inter-Library Loans Staff.