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Order a book

We understand your frustration when you can’t get the book you need for your studies.

This is the Order a Book service for students. If you are a member of staff, please visit the 'Order a book' for staff page:

Student reading book
‌To support our students the Library provides the ‘Order a book’ service. If the Library doesn’t hold a copy of the book you need, fill in the order form below and we will get it for you.

The Library operates an e-first policy; more details of this can be found in our e-books section:

Before ordering

Before ordering a book please note the following:

  • Check that the Library does not already have the book: Search books.
  • If we have the book but it is out on loan please use the 'Request a book’ service.
  • Please make a reasonable number of orders. This service is open to all students in the University and we would hope that students would not place excessive numbers of orders.
  • Preference will be given to e-books as per our e-first policy. If we cannot order the book electronically we can order a print copy.
  • All resources purchased by this service remain property of the Library and may be recalled.


  • E-books will be available three to five working days from the date of order approval.

Print books

  • Print books will be available up to 25 calendar days from the date of order approval; 15% of items will be available in less than 10 days.
  • You will be notified via email when the book is available for collection and asked to pick it up from the ‘Collect me’ room.

Order form