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Mendeley Data

Mendeley Data Repository

The Mendeley Data Repository is for the data you would like to share, either at the end of the research project or in support of a publication. Datasets deposited in Mendeley Data by The University of Manchester researchers:

  • can be up to 100GB per dataset (if your dataset is extremely large you may want to think about sharing only a sample of that data, sharing data at a lower resolution, or compressing files where appropriate)
  • will receive a DOI, a unique identifier,  which can be cited in any journal article
  • will be archived in DANS, an archival facility in the Netherlands
  • will automatically have a record created in PURE and be added to your researcher profile
  • are licensed with a Creative Commons or similar licence – Elsevier do not own data shared on Mendeley Data

Help using Mendeley Data

There is help within Mendeley Data explaining what is required in each field and they have also produced videos to help Manchester researchers to share data:

If you have any questions about how to use Mendeley Data please email

Mendeley Data Evaluation Partnership

To make publishing your data easier the University is partnering with Elsevier's Mendeley Data to develop a data management and sharing platform which supports researchers' data management across the lifecycle. This is designed to complement and not replace the excellent facilities which many researchers across the University have already developed, or have access to within their discipline.

During the partnership our researchers will benefit from a larger upload limit in the Mendeley Data Repository than is available to the general public.

How can you get involved?

We are involving researchers from across the University through the Research Data Advisory Group, who work with developers from Mendeley to discuss their research data management needs and feedback on the tools Mendeley are developing. There are regular meetings of the Research Data Advisory Group and there is also an email list for discussions between meetings.

In return for their input researchers get access to new data management tools as they are developed and can make sure that they are developed to meet their needs. Where possible we are looking to involve entire research groups/teams so that they can more realistically evaluate the data management tools.

If you would like to be involved in this project or give feedback on Mendeley Data please email: