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Open research

Open Research (also known as Open Science) describes the culture of sharing outputs as early as possible in the research process.

The University supports the principles of Open Research and researchers are encouraged to apply these throughout the research lifecycle.

These principles are outlined in the University’s 'Position Statement on Open Research'.

If you have any questions about Open Research at The University of Manchester, please contact

What is open research?

Open research relates to how research is performed and how knowledge is shared based on the principle that research should be as open, transparent, and accessible as possible. Open research also enables researchers to take advantage of digital technology. Open research practices include:

  • pre-registration of hypotheses and/or research questions
  • the use of pre-prints
  • open-access publications and other outputs
  • full and transparent reporting of research workflows and statistical analysis code
  • sharing of original research materials
  • FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data

Not all of these practices will be appropriate for any given research project. Open research will look different in different disciplines but common to all is transparency in the research process.