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eTextbook Programme

Enhancing your students’ learning.

Student reading an etextbook on a tablet in the library.‌What is the eTextbook Programme?

The eTextbook Programme is part of our Reading Lists service. It gives students seamless online access to high quality core reading resources.

Unlike standard ebooks, eTextbooks are purchased for each individual student on a specific course module, and are continuously accessible via the VLE.

It’s the electronic equivalent of buying a print copy for each student, and, in most cases, students can keep their eTextbook for the duration of their studies.

Who is eligible?

We’ll provide core texts in eTextbook format to large undergraduate cohorts and online and blended learning cohorts.

A core text is the main textbook students are required to use extensively throughout the course, as defined by the Library’s policy for the purchase of reading list books.

What are the benefits?

  • Students can download their textbook to multiple devices via the VLE for free, enabling them to access crucial course material from anywhere in the world at no cost.
  • eTextbooks are interactive, encouraging deeper student engagement with texts. For example, students and tutors can add and share notes, highlight key phrases and perform full text searches using navigation tools.
  • Accessibility tools allow users to customise their reading or use the Read Aloud option. 
  • Tutors have access to integrated teaching and learning tools and an in depth analytics dashboard to track usage and encourage engagement.