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Fully catalogued items

Electronic catalogues of the following collections are available on ELGAR, the Gateway to Archives at Rylands:

Early Brethren history

Personal papers


Church and assembly records



Northern Ireland


Photographic collections

Paper and pdf catalogues

Catalogues of the following collections are available as PDF files.

Paper handlists exist for the following collections:

H1 :
Papers relating to Dorothy Isaac, missionary in the Belgian Congo from 1921 [Now available electronically - see above].
H2 :
Papers relating to John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) [This handlist relates to a collection of photocopies of Darby correspondence. Many of the originals are now held by us in the Papers of John Nelson Darby - see above.]
H3 :
The Fry collection: papers relating to B.W. Newton, S.P. Tregelles, F.W. Wyatt, A.C. Fry, and others [now available electronically - see above].
H4 :
Handlist of letters from Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti to Piero Guicciardini (189 letters are described in full, but this is only a fraction of the whole collection).
H5 :
Papers relating to Harold St. John (1876-1957) [Now available electronically - see above].
H6 :
Papers relating to Ransome Wallace Cooper (1881-1979) and `Gospel to Britain's Guests' [Now available electronically - see above].
H7 :
Photographs and other pictorial material. (Appended is a list of photographs in the offices of Echoes of Service, Bath.)
H8 :
Papers relating to J.H. McNairn in the McNairn Plymouth Brethren Collection in the Canadian Baptist Archives, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
H9 :
Handlist of theses and studies on the Christian Brethren movement.

A large number of other papers are fully listed in a catalogue card index in the University Library. They include (in summary) papers relating to the following:

  • E.H. Broadbent;
  • Hamilton Smith;
  • Church Lane Meeting Room, Stafford;
  • W.J. Lowe, Notes on meetings in Switzerland and France;
  • John Lawes, '1850-1977: Open Brethren in Northampton';
  • David Sayer, Brethren in Suffolk;
  • James McBroom;
  • Lorne Ferguson (Zambia), including study on the humanity and incarnation of Jesus Christ;
  • notes on the assembly in Senigallia, Italy;
  • H.R. Pierce, 'Origins of the Brethren movement, with particular reference to North Devon';
  • Newsletters of B. & J. van den Hogen, Tourcoing, France;
  • Hedley R. Tipler, 'An acount of certain matters relating to the present departure from the ground of holy scripture in teaching and practice of Exclusive Brethren';
  • meetings and activities of Taylor Exclusive Brethren and the Family Preservation Bill;
  • A.D. Ehlert's card file of Brethren periodicals (A.D. Ehlert's card file of Brethren bibliography is also present in a card filing cabinet);
  • A.C. Smith, 'British non-conformists and the Swiss "Ancienne Dissidence"';
  • A.C. Fry, 'What is meant by "the Pearl Testimony"?';
  • catalogue of papers held by Ulrich Bister;
  • list of correspondence between G.V. Wigram and W.J. Childs.