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Fully catalogued items

Electronic Catalogues of the following collections are available on ELGAR, the Gateway to Archives at Rylands:

Catalogues of the following collections are available as PDF files.

Paper handlists exist for the following collections:

H1 :
Papers relating to Dorothy Isaac, missionary in the Belgian Congo from 1921 [Now available electronically - see above].
H2 :
Papers relating to John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) [This handlist relates to a collection of photocopies of Darby correspondence. Many of the originals are now held by us in the Papers of John Nelson Darby - see above.]
H3 :
The Fry collection: papers relating to B.W. Newton, S.P. Tregelles, F.W. Wyatt, A.C. Fry, and others [now available electronically - see above].
H4 :
Handlist of letters from Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti to Piero Guicciardini (189 letters are described in full, but this is only a fraction of the whole collection).
H5 :
Papers relating to Harold St. John (1876-1957) [Now available electronically - see above].
H6 :
Papers relating to Ransome Wallace Cooper (1881-1979) and `Gospel to Britain's Guests' [Now available electronically - see above].
H7 :
Photographs and other pictorial material. (Appended is a list of photographs in the offices of Echoes of Service, Bath.)
H8 :
Papers relating to J.H. McNairn in the McNairn Plymouth Brethren Collection in the Canadian Baptist Archives, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
H9 :
Handlist of theses and studies on the Christian Brethren movement.

A large number of other papers are fully listed in a catalogue card index in the University Library. They include (in summary) papers relating to the following:

  • E.H. Broadbent;
  • Hamilton Smith;
  • Church Lane Meeting Room, Stafford;
  • W.J. Lowe, Notes on meetings in Switzerland and France;
  • John Lawes, '1850-1977: Open Brethren in Northampton';
  • David Sayer, Brethren in Suffolk;
  • James McBroom;
  • Lorne Ferguson (Zambia), including study on the humanity and incarnation of Jesus Christ;
  • notes on the assembly in Senigallia, Italy;
  • H.R. Pierce, 'Origins of the Brethren movement, with particular reference to North Devon';
  • Newsletters of B. & J. van den Hogen, Tourcoing, France;
  • Hedley R. Tipler, 'An acount of certain matters relating to the present departure from the ground of holy scripture in teaching and practice of Exclusive Brethren';
  • meetings and activities of Taylor Exclusive Brethren and the Family Preservation Bill;
  • A.D. Ehlert's card file of Brethren periodicals (A.D. Ehlert's card file of Brethren bibliography is also present in a card filing cabinet);
  • A.C. Smith, 'British non-conformists and the Swiss "Ancienne Dissidence"';
  • A.C. Fry, 'What is meant by "the Pearl Testimony"?';
  • catalogue of papers held by Ulrich Bister;
  • list of correspondence between G.V. Wigram and W.J. Childs.