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Additional papers and record materials

Box 1

Papers relating to Ford's Lane assembly, Bramhall, including Accounts books 1884-1914, Photographs of the new building, 1966, and Centenary notes, 1984.

Box 2

Papers relating to Bright Hall, Eccles, including Assembly roll books 1898-1921 (later used as Sunday School roll book) and 1922-1941; Sunday School roll books 1939-1959 (later used as Assembly roll book 1939-1959, 1979), 1977-9; and Accounting ledgers 1928-1975.

Box 3

Papers relating to Bright Hall, Eccles, including Business meetings minutes 1955-1959 and 1962-1976; Trustees' papers; Insurance documents; Registration papers for worship & marriages; Letters, Funeral programmes; Newspaper cuttings; and Annual statements of accounts 1907-1920, 1925, and 1949-1975.

The catalogue for boxes 2 and 3 can be found here: Bright Hall Assembly Eccles Archive

Box 4 - 7

Papers of the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship.

Box 8

Papers of the New Zealand Christian Brethren Research Fellowship.

Box 9

  1. A. Naismith, Diary of his voyage to India, November 1922;
  2. Letters from E.B. Bromley to A. Naismith relating to the latter's coming to India;
  3. Papers and publications of A.C. Rose (including papers by Northcote Deck);
  4. Notebook of A. Dale;
  5. Report of Conference at the Memorial Hall, London, 27-30 May 1950;
  6. On the Appendix to the Report of the delegates of the Conference of Zurich;
  7. The Godavari Delta, India, III: The increase of a work of God; V: The continuance of a work of God;
  8. Copy of letter of J.G. Bellett to Hames Kennan, c. 1864; 
  9. Copy of letter of John R. Caldwell, 14th September 1892; 
  10. 50 years at Pyne Road, Tolworth, Surbiton; 
  11. Letters of H. St. John (originals and copies); 
  12. Copy of letter of J.N. Darby to F.W. Grant, 20th February 1881; 
  13. Letters to Casswell from F.F. Bruce, W.M. Capper & F.N. Martin, and Victor G. Walkley; 
  14. Copy of letter from Robert Ashby, 13th August 1921; 
  15. Letter of W.E. Sibthorpe, 17th May 1938; 
  16. Notes on the rise and progress of the work at Hale St., Staines; 
  17. Eleventh letter to a friend on the present condition of things; 
  18. Commemorative papers and photographs relating to Victoria Hall, Wandsworth Common; 
  19. A.E. Dale, The church and the churches; 
  20. F.S. Parnham, Walking with God; 
  21. Miscellaneous duplicated typescripts signed J.B.S., A.R.C., E.L.B., etc.;
  22. Constantine Metallinos, The Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, and related papers by J.M. Davies, G.H. Lang, A.S. Loizeaux, and James Hyslop;
  23. Copies of letters:
    1. Edwin Bond (1 Nov. 1881);
    2. George Müller (30 Ap. 1883);
    3. T.P. Haffner, open letter to brethren and sister of East Coker and Yeovil (20 Dec. 1847);
  24. Copy of letter of R.C. Chapman, 7 Mar. 1848, relating events in Ireland; newspaper cutting on death of R.C. Chapman, from The North Devon Journal, 19 June 1902;
  25. Copy of letter of R.S. Miles from Narsapur;
  26. Copy of newspaper announcement of death and funeral of Charles Stanley, Rotherham Advertiser, 5 Ap. 1890;
  27. Notes on I. Deighan's holdings of publications by W.G. Rhind;
  28. Papers relating to E.S. Pearce of Barnstaple, including `A Barnstaple boyhood' by P.B. Gillard, and family photographs.

Box 10

Miscellaneous correspondence, papers, and published articles in German.

Box 11

  1. Newspaper cuttings and pictures of Victoria Memorial Hall, Belfast;
  2. Newspaper cutting referring to F.S. Arnot and Dan Crawford;
  3. "Jack Van Impe presents", from Leading light 1995 (referring to J.N. Darby);
  4. Papers by J.S. Andrews:
    • "The recent history of the Bevan family" (from The Evangelical quarterly, 1961);
    • draft of review of John F. West, Faroe: the emergence of a nation;
    • review of Christian worship (1976) (from The Evangelical Quarterly, 1977);
    • "Philip Henry Gosse" (reprinted from Library Association record, 1961);
    • "The word of his grace" (on J.G. Deck's hymn "Lamb of God, our souls adore thee");
    • "Some Brethren hymn-writers" (from Life of faith, 1957);
    • "Brethren hymnody: a revised version of a paper prepared for the summer school at Regent College, Vancouver, July 1990";
  5. Obituary of Charles Oxley (from The Daily Telegraph, 18th November 1987);
  6. Letter to Dr. Davis from ?B. Anderson;
  7. Postcard from C.A.H. to W.R. Lewis;
  8. Newspaper cuttings entitled "Should clergymen criticise the Bible?";
  9. J.R. Seville, The new song;
  10. Norman F. Douty, "We be brethren" (verse);
  11. Letters ofF.F. Bruce:
    1. to J.A. Green, 12 Sept. 1967, 1 Nov. 1969, 10 Dec. 1971, 28 Feb. 1976, 17 Dec. 1977, 17 Dec. 1979;
    2. to A.G. Padgett, 20 Ap., 1 May, 2 July 1984, 17 Jan. 1985;
    3. to R.P. Spittler, 16 Feb. 1984 (copies & originals);
    4. to G.H. Lang, 28 Mar. 1950, 12 Dec. 1951, 8 Jan. 1952, 20, 27 Feb., 9 Mar., 25 Oct. 1954;
    5. to Jean and Robbie Orr, 1 Nov. 1984, 11 Feb. 1989;
    6. to Allan Fisher, Feb. 1989;
    7. to Ian S. Davidson

    Letters toF.F. Bruce:
    1. (a) from S. Brodetsky, 19 Oct. 1949;
    2. (b) from J. Allegro, 12 July 1977;
  12. Letters of R.E. Harlow to D. Brady, 10th October & 12th December 1967, 29th April 1968;
  13. Photograph of Alex & Ruth Stewart, Pakistan;
  14. Duplicated papers by W.J. Francis;
  15. Account of the origins of Brethren by A.M. Stoney;
  16. Tim Grass, The New Apostolic Church;
  17. Extracts from letter written at the time of the Bethesda movement;
  18. Newspaper cuttings relating to Plymouth Brethren libel case (The Birmingham Post, 21st & 22nd July, 1927);
  19. Colin Spivey, "James Fegan";
  20. John Shirley & Martin Short, "Williamson's law", relating to HM Inspector of Constabulary (Crime), Frank Williamson, who had a Plymouth Brethren upbringing (New Statesman, 20th May 1977);
  21. Extracts from missionary reports at the Larne Conference, September 1992, from Denis O'Hare and Michael Browne;
  22. MS notes on addresses by F.B. Hole (16th October 1946), D. Ross (19th October 1946); and J. Blackburn (19th October 1946);
  23. Letters to David A. Humphreys from G.C.D. Howley (7th May 1965 & 14th April 1966), H.G. Lockett (7th & 18th June 1965);
  24. David A. Humphreys, "A contemporary crisis" (from The Witness, July 1966);
  25. Letter concerning Glanton, signed by Walter Bookless, John Lowrie, and Geo. F. Edington, May 1908;
  26. Notes on some Open Brethren assemblies in Belfast;
  27. Photocopies of letters accompanying gifts made by Apsley Street Assembly, Belfast, to James Elwood and Charlotte White on the occasion of their marriage, 25th April 1893;
  28. Papers relating to Interest Ministries, 1991-1994;
  29. J.F. Valentine, letter on the Grant division, 16th September 1913 (copy);
  30. C. Crain, facts from Boston and letter from F.W. Grant;
  31. F.W. Grant, letter to Valentine, 22nd December 1884 (copy);
  32. H. Lundberg, Why? The Montreal division of 1884;
  33. J. Gregoire, A visit to Tunbridge Wells, England;
  34. Letter from C.H. Mackintosh to A., 1st July 1890 (copy);
  35. Copy of the Declaration of the Continental Brethren, Elberfeld, November 1890;
  36. W.J. Lowe, Assembly action a test to others, November 1886 (extract from a letter);
  37. W. Potter, letters to F.B. Gill, 9th August & 26th September 1910 (copies);
  38. H.D'A. Champney, The decision of the Assembly in Bexhill (1890);
  39. Letters of Maurice W. Smith, Frank B. Gill, Alfred Gill, and W. Potter on the Tunbridge Wells division, 5th, 15th, 26th December 1906, 9th August & 26th September 1910, 20th May 1939 (copies);
  40. Letters of Alfred Gill, 5th, 15th, 26th December 1906 (copies);
  41. Letter of Emil Donges and R. Brockhaus to saints in Tunbridge Wells, 26th September 1910 (copy);
  42. C.H. Brown, "Ask for the old Paths"... a letter to a brother on matters of present moment, October 1938 (on the proposed reunion among Exclusive Brethren);
  43. Neil Dickson, "The Brethren and literature" (articles extracted from Aware 1991);
  44. Letter from brethren at Lucerne Road, London, to Bedford Hall, signed by A.A. Green and others (5th March 1938).

Box 12

  1. Funeral service and memorial service programmes for:
    • Edith Maud Jefferis,
    • Winifred Joyce Jefferis,
    • Leonard George Wareham,
    • Margaret Annie Cashmore,
    • David Hughes,
    • Rose Davison,
    • Donald Edgar Ridgway,
    • Edith Alice Goldspink,
    • Arthur Oakley,
    • Guilford Edward Crabtree,
    • Elsie E. Clapham,
    • Martha Pearson,
    • Ronald Marson Whitehouse,
    • Alan Rupert Davies,
    • Francis Newman Timmis,
    • Ernest John Boland,
    • Robert George Boland,
    • Louis George Ford (1879-1968),
    • William Glanvill Walters & Fanny Evangeline Walters (1962),
    • George Goodman (1942),
    • Montague Goodman (1958),
    • George Cecil Douglas Howley (1907-1980),
    • Frederick W. Baedeker (1906),
    • Annie Redwood (1933),
    • Samuel Harvey Rogers (1955),
    • A. Rebekah Lowther (1979),
    • Gwendoline Kathleen Ayers (1992),
    • Ivy Eyre (1993),
    • Dorothy Joan Foot (1984),
    • Joseph Ebenezer Collier (1937),
    • Charles Henry Collier (1940),
    • Arthur Edwin Green,
    • Harold Gerald Humphreys (2001),
    • Soledad Vázquez Martínez (2001);
  2. Letter to Mrs. Collier of Worthing and account of the work of Ebenezer and Charles Collier with the C.S.S.M. (carbon copy);
  3. Map of a corner of Brazil, showing a number of places where Christian assemblies... are known to exist;
  4. News letters from Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach, Wiedenest, 25th April 1953 & 25th July 1968;
  5. Five years of C.B.R.F.;
  6. Order of marriage service for David William Glass and Margaret Grace Dawson;
  7. Newspaper cutting about Charles Fraser-Smith's agricultural work in North Africa;
  8. Report on Mayil Children's Home, Greystones, Eire, June-July 1963;
  9. R.L. Wheeler, Brief Bible notes on the eschatology of the last chapter of the Second Epistle of Peter (duplicated typescript);
  10. Miscellaneous papers on biblical subjects by R. Woodhouse Beales (duplicated typescripts);
  11. Copies of letters of J.N. Darby (in answer to an article on "Rule" by J.B. Stoney, to Miss ?Winslow, & to J.S. Oliphant), G.V. Wigram to J.S. Oliphant (?1859), Edward Dennett, to J.A. Trench (25th June 1899), and (postcard) containing hymn by E.L. Bevir to H. Barlee (21st September 1901);
  12. Notice concerning Muriel Elliott, daughter of Theodore Wilson of Kendal and great-granddaughter of Anthony Norris Groves;
  13. William Blane, Glory of Christ (hymn);
  14. Ian McDowell, The "Montenegrin" revolver;
  15. R.T. Hopkins, Questions and Answers (extracted from Needed truth);
  16. Notice concerning lectures on the history of the Brethren movement at the Emmaus Bible School, 1962;
  17. Ian McDowell, Notes on the missionary movement of the early Brethren, 1962;
  18. William Rule, History of the Glanton meetings (duplicated typescript, 1931);
  19. Christian Brethren Research Fellowship (Brisbane), Annual report 1977; resumes of discussions;
  20. Papers presented by the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship (Brisbane):
    1. Gordon L.T. Wright, God, the universe, and time;
    2. (?10): R.J. Laird, A Christian look at historical relativism;
    3. M.E. McCallum, Women in the church;
    4. V.D. Laird, The Lord's supper - memorial of means of grace?;
    5. K. Newton, Brethren assemblies and racial culture;
    6. P.L. Gillan, Satellite, nuclear, and unclear beliefs;
    7. A.D. McCarthy, How normative is Acts?;
    8. J.E.C. Aberdeen, Responsibility and authority in church government;
    9. G.J. Paxton, The Gospel, Chalcedon, and Christian thinking;
    10. L. Farrell, Art and the Christian;
    11. W.E. Strachan, Christian social responsibility and the evangelical churches;
    12. P. Walton, Christianity: a case for community;
    13. Karen Peachey, Meditation - a lost art, or an essentially no-verbal subject;
    14. Alan Nute, What about Sunday?;
    15. (?29): Summary of group findings on "What about Sunday?";
  21. (21) Christian Brethren Research Fellowship, New Zealand, 15th Annual report, 1974-1975.

Box 13

  1. K.P. Frampton, Christian fanaticism, past and present: a Middle East challenge;
  2. Young Men's Teaching Conference, Oxford, 23-25 September 1960: Notes on the Brethren movement;
  3. G.A. Lucas, The Sonship of Christ;
  4. Women church-members and common sense: a meditation;
  5. Letter concerning fellowship with Glanton Brethren, signed by J. Atkinson, W.E. Cocking, J.A. Coote, F.W. Drake, H.N. Dudley, K.P. Frampton, H. Harle, T.R. Hinks, W. Koll, H.W. Martin, D.G. Millett, N.H. Packer, E.A. Pettman, E.F. Prior, John Weston, and Edward T. Wood, 29th January 1962;
  6. J.A.H., Divine wonders;
  7. T. Burlin, The environment and concepts of the early Brethren;
  8. E.H. Pollett, Some principles which actuated early Brethren and their present-day impact;
  9. I.L., The Epistle of James, 5.16-20;
  10. Copy of a paper relating to the Gospel Hall, Cowper Road, Rainham, Essex;
  11. Studies in "Assembly" truth, as presented in 1 Cor. 11.17-14.40, ?by P. Parsons;
  12. J.B. Stoney, Sunrise and sunset: a message for the New Year;
  13. Extracts from the "Narrative of facts" by J.N. Darby;
  14. Modernism in the assemblies! Comments on F.F. Bruce's lecture to the conference of Christian Brethren Research Fellowship, Waikanae, New Zealand, 7th March 1980, prepared by W.R.G. Turkington;
  15. B.W. Newton, On the Book of Daniel, to the Editor of "The Investigator", vol. 3 (1833);
  16. B.W. Newton, The future siege of Jerusalem, to the Editor of "The Investigator", vol. 3 (1833);
  17. B.W. Newton, The times of restitution, Acts iii. 19-21, to the Editor of "The Investigator", vol. 2 (1832-3);
  18. Stretford Gospel Hall, Business meetings minutes 1982-1992; minutes of Sunday School teachers' meetings 1981-1991; Statements of accounts 1985 -1991;
  19. Letters of R.E. Casswell, papers relating to the Management Study Group;
  20. Drafts of: K.P. Frampton, "You need Christ - not Jehovah's Witnesses" and "You need Christ - not Mormonism";
  21. For thy pleasure (verse);
  22. Swanwick Conference of Brethren, Minutes of conveners' meetings, 1970; accounts 1969;
  23. London Annual Conference, Minutes of conveners' meetings, 1951-1954;
  24. Letters of Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti to William Rossetti, 1853-6, 1865-6, 1880, 1882, to Cristina Rossetti, 1882, and letter of L.C. Polidori to Carlotta, 1890 (photocopies);
  25. Letters of F.J.A. Hort to Mrs Tregelles, 1876, 1879;
    1. Obituary of William Kelly, extracted from The Christian, 10th May 1906;
    2. photographs and documentation relating to the residence of Wm. Kelly in Guernsey and his involvement in ministering to the convicted murderer J.C. Tapner (collected by J.A. Green, Sept. 1999);
  27. Copies of letters of B.W. Newton attached to bound volumes of his publications (now in the Christian Brethren Archive);
  28. Persecution of Protestants in Spain - a circular bearing the names, amongst others, of B.W. Newton and S.P. Tregelles; & an article relating to B.W. Newton's earlier years extracted from "In memoriam FP [Frederick A. Prideaux]", in Friends Library;
  29. A.N. Harris, 'The Plymouth Brethren: reminiscences of over fifty years ago', November 1911 [concerning early years at Ebrington St., Plymouth] (photocopy and typed transcript of original manuscript in Plymouth Public Library);
  30. Photocopies of pages from Wyatt MS book #2, formerly in the Fry Collection of papers of B.W. Newton, with explanatory note, 'Appendix A', taken from T. Stunt's 2000 publication.

Boxes 14-19

Copies of papers from the house of Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti in Spinetta Marengo (Alessandria), Italy. Correspondents include:

  • Giuseppe Alborghetti,
  • Vincenzo Bellondi,
  • William Thomas Berger,
  • Berlucchi, Lorenzo & Carlotta Beruatto,
  • Serafinio Beruatto,
  • [?Hector] Bettex,
  • Adelaise & Fedele Betti,
  • Damiano Borgia,
  • G. Callegari, Pietro & G. Canobbio,
  • Giambattista Casoni,
  • Napoleone Castelli,
  • Giuseppe Corlando,
  • Jane Mary Cosens,
  • Crémieux, Luigi Cusinello,
  • Louise Darbonnier,
  • Giovanni B. Dassio,
  • George Henry Davis,
  • De Giustina,
  • Luigi Delcré,
  • Matteo Del Moro,
  • Paolo De Michelis,
  • Luigi De Sanctis, Anibale Descagni,
  • Giuseppe De Tommasi,
  • G. Di Negro, Henry Dyer,
  • A.H. Edington,
  • Leopoldo Fabbroni,
  • Salvatore Ferretti,
  • Giuseppe & Carmelina Garuti,
  • Paolo Geymonat,
  • Gaetano Giannini,
  • Nicola Giladenghi,
  • Pietro Giusti,
  • James Gordon-Oswald,
  • Giuseppe Gozzi,
  • Paolo Cav. Grassi,
  • Giuseppe Grignola,
  • B. Gualtieri, A. Guraducci,
  • Piero Guicciardini,
  • John R. McDougall,
  • J.L. Maclean,
  • Giuseppe Manenti,
  • V. Manfredini,
  • Giuseppe Moiso,
  • Giuseppe Rava,
  • G. Spigno,
  • William Yapp,
  • and Carlo Zanini.

Box 20

Copies of letters of G.H. Pember. Correspondents include:

  • Sir Robert [?Anderson],
  • George W. Cansdale,
  • Sir Charles [?],
  • Miss Clarke,
  • Miss Cowie,
  • Miss Hobbs,
  • Norbert Jones,
  • G.H. Lang,
  • Mr. Nisbet,
  • Panton,
  • Mrs. Rogers,
  • and Capt. Sherard.

Box 21

Papers of Theodora Muriel Wilson (27.9.1892-22.1.1970) and her father, Theodore Wilson, including:

  1. History of Sand Area assembly, Kendal, by J. Marshall;
  2. Birth certificate of Theodora Muriel Wilson;
  3. Marriage certificate of Theodora Muriel Wilson and Russell Elliott;
  4. Photographs of groups, apparently taken at Coonoor, the Wilsons' home in Kendal;
  5. Letter copybooks of Theodore Wilson 1898-1911;
  6. Notebook containing chronology of events 1891-1932, probably compiled by Theodore Wilson;
  7. Diary of events 1913-1950 (Holidays 1913-1960 in summary), compiled by Theodora Muriel Wilson;
  8. Notebook containing Cuttings - serious and otherwise! compiled by Theodora Muriel Wilson, 1913;
  9. Selections of prose and verse, compiled by Theodora Muriel Wilson, 1914;
  10. Notes of addresses, Keswick 1913, Sand Area, etc., compiled by Theodora Muriel Wilson (speakers include George Goodman, A. Payne, R. Elliott);
  11. Notebook containing selected verses;
  12. Diary 1899-1901 of Theodore Wilson;
  13. Visitors' book 1902-1964, Coonoor, Kendal;
  14. Theodore Wilson's recollections of his deceased wife, Mary Bethia Wilson (née Groves - granddaughter of Frank Groves).

Box 22

Photocopy of 'The Fry Manuscript'.

Box 23

  1. Duplicated typescripts by Ian McDowell, including:
    • Chief women among the Brethren
      • Elizabeth Paget,
      • Mary Muller,
      • Teodosia Powerscourt,
      • Emily Gosse,
      • Margaret Cockburn-Campbell,
      • Elizabeth Beer,
      • Mary Bowley (Mary Peters),
      • Centra Thompson,
      • Amelia Matilda Hull,
      • Emma Frances Bevan,
      • Mary Harris Yapp,
      • Mary Hamilton,
      • Rebekah Hope Taylor (Rebekah Morley),
      • Hannah Kilham Burlingham,
      • Henrietta Eliza Soltau,
      • Toni von Blucher,
      • Isabella Armstrong,
      • Mrs. Pigot,
      • Ada Ruth Habershon,
      • Frances Rout,
      • Henrietta Clifford,
      • Christabel Pankhurst,
      • Lilian Grace Bryde,
      • Merle Cantle,
      • Margaret Gibson,
      • Alice Margaret Chambers,
      • Nellie Robertson,
      • Dorothy Flanagan,
      • Elizabeth Ethel Scott,
      • Margaret Malcolm,
      • Elisabeth Gren (Elliott),
      • Joan Suisted, Olive Rogers;
    • Henry Bellenden Bulteel,
    • William Hake,
    • John and Robert Howard,
    • Andrew John Jukes,
    • John Kitto,
    • Francis William Newman,
    • Samuel Prideaux Tregelles,
    • Anthony Norris Groves,
    • Frederick Stanley Arnot,
    • Rice Thomas Hopkins,
    • George Grove,
    • John Hambledon,
    • Harrison Ord,
    • Henry Varley,
    • Richard Weaver,
    • Hugh McNeilly,
    • Charles Frederick Perrin,
    • John Baird,
    • Colin Ferguson,
    • Victor G. Laraghy,
    • "Brethren" missions and the removal of aboriginal children from their parents under Australian law,
    • The Baghdad Mission 1830-1836,
    • The Sufferings of Christ, 1866,
    • The Origins of the Brethren,
    • The Plymouth Brethren in Australia,
    • The history and situation of Australian "Brethren" assemblies,
    • Ebenezer Hall in Geelong,
    • Steps to revival in Christian Brethren churches,
    • A Program to investigate the date of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ in relation to Daniel's prophecy of the seventy sevens of years,
    • Gospel studies, etc.;
  2. Biography of Rice Thomas Hopkins, written by his son Will (duplicated typescript);
  3. C.L. Nunnerley, Recent developments (2 May 1961) (typescript);
  4. Letter of John Ritchie to Rice Hopkins, March 7th 1916 (photocopy);
  5. The breaking away of what is known as the Open Meetings from the Assembly, August 1883: notes taken August 19th 1883 by A. Edwards (contains references to Theo. Kitchen, Mr. Case, Mr. Cordner, and Harrison Ord) (photocopy);
  6. a paper containing a verse and chronology (1882-1899) of points at dispute, and the name Rice Hopkins (photocopy);
  7. papers of A.P. Aris (duplicated typescripts), including
    • Notes on Address given at Merton Park, 3rd January 1953 by H.C. Stanley;
    • The day in which we live, relating to departure from Taylor Brethren, signed G.W.S., Feb. 1969;
    • Remarks on
      1. (i) An article entitled "What is required of those naming the Name of the Lord" in "The Recovery and maintenance of the truth" by A.J. Gardiner;
      2. (ii) 2 Corinthians 6.14-7.1, signed G.W.S., Sept. 1968 (from original letters dated August 1960 and November 1961); Colossians 1.1922 and 2.2; Letter dated 21st February 1961; and many other homilies and copies of letters;
  8. J.R. Seville, The New song (concerning J.W. Betteney) (photocopy);
  9. Three letters and one postcard of S. Riach to Miss Stirling (?), 1904;
    • Letters of B.W. Newton to Miss Riach, 7th February 1866, 26th April 1872;
    • two letters of B.W. Newton to Dr. Cookworthy, June 1837 and undated;
    • and copies of correspondence between J.N. Darby and B.W. Newton (1846) [supplied by U. Bister via M. Weremchuk];
  10. Guy Atkins, "The one-word tenses in Cokwe" (offprint, with covering letter);
  11. Leslie A. Corbin, Some details relating to the history of the testimony in Barbados, B.W.I., as gleaned from letters of July 31, 1948 and November 13, 1951 (received from R.K. Wyman);
  12. Floyd S. Elmore, "God's two kinds of people: J.N. Darby's heavenly and earthly peoples revisited", 36 p. (duplicated typescript).

Box 24

Papers relating to missionaries and missionary activities, including:

  • K. & G. Cowell,
  • R. & J. Dann,
  • S. & J. Gillham,
  • B. & E. Hodges,
  • the Hamptons,
  • James & Jean Gillett,
  • Ireland Outreach,
  • E. Jaminson,
  • D. & M. Pierce,
  • A. & R. Stewart,
  • and D. & A. Winch.

Box 25

Papers relating to assembly buildings, Lancashire Gospel Tent. and individual assemblies in:

  • Astley Bridge,
  • Bolton,
  • Bury,
  • Cleveleys,
  • Great Harwood,
  • Hamilton, Ont.,
  • Manchester,
  • Miles Platting,
  • Oldham,
  • Pendleton,
  • Stockport,
  • Swinton,
  • Timperley,
  • Warrington,
  • Withington,
  • and Wythenshawe

Box 26


  • Miscellaneous papers, letters, and cuttings (relating to F.F. Bruce, C.F. Fraser-Smith, Peter Horne of Inverness, and Betty Rankin of Roman Road Hall Assembly, Motherwell),
  • miscellaneous prayer letters and reports (including Bill & Jean Grunbaum, Ian McDowell, C. & J. Govier, D. & M. Cawthorne, L. Falconer, Bessy Maclay, John Wilson, A. Robertson, L.M. Shneidrook & M. & M. Baker, Terry Smith, D. & M. Howell, and Meryl Shepherd),
  • notices of various group activities (including Swanwick Conference, Christian Brethren Research Fellowship, Partnership, Hour of Revival, British Assemblies Tactical Support, Oaklands Christian Retirement Home, Northern Counties Outreach, Counties Evangelistic Work, and Gospel Literature Outreach),
  • reports on Open Brethren institutions (including Retired Missionary Aid Fund, Missionaries' Children's Fund, and the Widows and Orphans of Missionaries Fund),
  • posters,
  • and notice concerning Stump Hall Cemetery, Brant County, Ontario, Canada.

Box 27

Papers relating to the Home Workers Fund.

Box 28

Papers of J.R. Judson: sermon notes and Bible studies.

Box 29

Papers relating to the Line family's experiences of Exclusive Brethren which form the basis of Miss J. Line's book about the Line family, James and Dorothy, including:

  1. A Memoir of the Line family of Birmingham, written in Swaziland in 1978 by Honor Ward, née Shedden, second daughter of Phebe Shedden, née Line;
  2. obituary of James Line;
  3. 'Jimmie' Line - an appreciation by his son Timothy;
  4. various correspondence;
  5. family pedigrees;
  6. photographs;
  7. Memoir of John Line, attributed to his son, Charles A. Line, dated c. 1911;
  8. James Line's correspondence with his daughter Jacqueline, 1968-1971, during the time he was 'shut up';
  9. papers relating to Exclusive Brethren break-up during the 1970s, deriving from Frank Joyce of Johannesburg.

Boxes 30-32

Papers from the Summer School Course and Seminar on the Christian Brethren movement: its history, present status, and future prospects, held at Regent College, Vancouver, 2-7 July 1990, and the International Brethren Conference on Missions, entitled The Brethren Contribution to the World-Wide Mission of the Church, Singapore, 9-15 June 1993, including:

  1. Correspondence and committee meeting minutes relating to preparations for the conferences;
  2. Programme, listing daily schedules, course structures, and papers delivered;
  3. biographies of presenters, respondents, and seminar participants;
  4. Brethren theological perspectives;
  5. Cedric C.J. Gibbs, Christian Brethren assemblies responsive to change: a comparative study of their features in Australia and North America;
  6. Neil Dickson, Robert Rendall: a life;
  7. The Status and future of two-thirds world mission;
  8. Chin-Aik Ooi, The contribution of the Christian Brethren towards Christian work in Malaysia;
  9. G. Tunnicliffe, Unity and world missions;
  10. Harold H. Rowdon, The Brethren contribution to world mission;
  11. Reports on:
    •  Argentina (by Carmelo Racciatti),
    • Australia (by Cedric Gibbs),
    • Canada (by Geoff Tunnicliffe),
    • Malaysia (by Lee Kam Hing),
    • New Zealand (by A.N.F. Harris & Brian Goodwin - on Gospel Literature Outreach),
    • Nigeria (by Sunday Edo),
    • Pakistan (by Hidayat Masih & Wold Munzinger),
    • Papua New Guinea,
    • Northern Peru (by Ray Cawston),
    • Philippines (by Len Savill),
    • (by David Ciucur),
    • South Pacific (by Allan Packer),
    • Western Samoa (by Ene Sagala),
    • United Kingdom (by H.H. Rowdon),
    • Zaire (by Uchay Jalwiny Wo-Dolo);
  12. Kevin G. Dyer, Navigating troubled waters;
  13. Jim Chew, Reaching Asia's millions;
  14. Richard Chia, Workshop on networking in mission among the Brethren;
  15. Brian G. Pegler, The Gospel in the Manawatu (New Zealand);
  16. In His Steps: Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, Singapore, 30th Anniversary, 1958-1988; Rex A. Koivisto, The Brethren and the Bible: some thoughts on Biblical interpretation and tradition among the 'Plymouth' Brethren;
  17. Donald Tinder, The Brethren heritage (course outline);
  18. Judith L. Davids, The Theory and practice of lay ministry by women in the Plymouth Brethren;
  19. John S. Andrews, Brethren hymnody;
  20. Robert H. Baylis, The Changing identities of the Independent Brethren since 1848;
  21. Neil Dickson, God's glory in dandelions: the world of Robert Rendall;
  22. R.H. Edwards, Comments on para-assembly activities;
  23. Donald S. Fox, Four fears of Brethrenism; Brethren gospel preaching: was there a missing note?; Spiritual legacy of the Brethren;
  24. Cedric C.J. Gibbs, Radical adherence to Scripture: an ongoing contribution to the body of Christ?;
  25. Paul Kalthoff, The Brethren assemblies in West and East Germany; The Foreign mission work of the Brethren assemblies in Germany; Co-operation between missionary-sending church-mission house-fellowship on the field and local church;
  26. Rex. A. Koivisto, Seven theses on Brethren principles, Brethren tradition, and Biblical hermenuetics; The Brethren: how we got to be who we are; Chronology of Brethren historical events and American history, 1776-1800; North American Brethren Research Fellowship;
  27. Scott John Morrision, Religion and society, a micro approach: an examination of the Christian Brethren assemblies in the Sydney metropolitan area, 1964-1989;
  28. George Patterson, Call to leadership of worldwide spiritual revolution;
  29. Daisy D. Ronco, The Evangelization of Italy in the nineteenth century, 4: the 1863 crisis (prefaced by Ronco's articles from The Witness on Matilde Calandrini, Rosa Madiai, Piero Guicciardini, and Teodorico Pietrocola-Rossetti; (29) Stephen S. Short, The Universal priesthood of believers;
  30. Neil Summerton, The Christian (Open) Brethren in the British Isles in numerical context;
  31. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Report on Christian Brethren in Canada;
  32. John Williams, Lessons from early Brethren hymnology;
  33. Paul Garnet, Raison d'être of the church according to the New Testament and Brethren teaching;
  34. John Allan, The Brethren and the arts; The Brethren and the young;
  35. John Boyes, The UK assemblies today;
  36. Peter H. Davids, Leadership in the New Testament and the Brethren;
  37. Donald S. Fox, Patterns of Brethren ministry;
  38. Ward and Laurel Gasque, Interview with F.F. Bruce (extracted from The Harvester);
  39. Paul Kalthoff, Brethren assemblies in French-speaking Switzerland;
  40. Lee Kam Hing, The Christian Brethren of Malaysia: our heritage;
  41. Walter L. Liefeld, Suggestions for defining some identifying characteristics of the Brethren;
  42. Peter J. Lineham, The Significance of James George Deck, 1807-1884;
  43. Peter Lowman, A Plea for radical Brethrenism;
  44. Rewriting Brethren distinctives;
  45. B. Howard Mudditt, The New fellowship (photocopy of the Paternoster Press publication);
  46. Ken J. Newton, Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853): a neglected missiologist; Training for leadership (taken from his History of the Brethren in Australia);
  47. Judith Davids, An Overview of the Brethren movement from a female perspective;
  48. Ross H. McLaren, The Origin and development of the Open Brethren in North America, 1870-1975;
  49. five lectures given by F.R. Coad:
    1. The shaping of the Brethren movement: Britain, a historical synopsis;
    2. Expansion and development in many lands;
    3. The Brethren movement in the perspective of church history;
    4. Into a changing future: the evolution of a movement and coping with change;
    5. An assessment of the Brethren movement: the abiding insights in the context of the world Christian community.

Box 33

Letters of William Kelly, 1849-1906 (photocopies).

Box 34

Accounting ledger of Croft Hall, Oxford Street, Blyth, 1938-1979 (with additional photocopied duplicate).

Box 35

Papers of Robert Rendall

Box 36

Ephemera, including:

  1. Commemorative leafletsfrom
    • Barrow-in Furness (by Thomas Robinson);
    • Speedwell Gospel Hall, Bristol, 1980;
    • Gerston Chapel, Paignton, 1988;
    • Ladyfield Chapel, Chippenham, 1957;
    • Hoddeson Gospel Hall, 1965;
    • Ashley Down Orphanage, 1936;
    • Denne Road Gospel Hall, Horsham, Centenary Service, 1963;
    • Centenary brochure of Barton Hall, Hereford, 1958;
    • Minster Hall, Cardiff, 1927-1977;
    • Queen Edith Chapel, Cambridge;
    • Hope Hall, Leeds, 1987;
    • Leckwith Gospel Hall, Cardiff, 1978;
    • Endlesham Sunday School, 1978;
    • Elim Hall, Blackburn, 1973;
    • Victoria Street Gospel Hall, Blackburn, 1982;
    • Goodwood Evangelical Church, Leicester, 1980;
    • The Hall, George Street, Greenwich, 1975;
    • Swan Lane Gospel Hall, Trent Vale, Stoke, 1986;
    • Bexley Assembly, 50th anniversary, 1996;
  2. Brochures and leaflets introducing
    • Woodcroft Hall;
    • Devonshire Road Evangelical Church, Broadheath, Altrincham;
    • Gospel Hall, Floriana, Malta;
    • Rossmore Hall Evangelical Hall, London;
    • Greenway Assembly, Billericay;
    • Cholmeley Evangelical Church;
    • Cumberland Hall, Bath;
    • Mayne Island Conference, 1925;
    • St. Anthony's, Eastbourne;
    • Bethany Eventide Home, London;
    • Christian Brethren Research Fellowship;
  3. Invitations to attend
    • F.B. Hole and A.J. Pollock in the Town Hall, Cheltenham;
    • Churches of God Annual Bible Conference, Manchester, 1995;
    • Lerwick Churches Campaign, 1991; Abbey Chapel, Tavistock;
    • South Park Chapel, Seven Kings, Ilford;
    • Glebe Gospel Chapel, Newent;
    • Wolsey Chapel, New Addington;
    • Conference of Brethren, Newton Abbot;
    • Crosshill, 1882;
    • Eastbourne Bible Readings, 1970;
    • St. George's Hall, Cheltenham;
  4. Programme for wedding of Richard Fry and Yvonne Sibley at Mount Chapel, Pendlebury, 1989;
  5. leaflet from Town Green Mission Room, Wymondham;
  6. fragments, including [printed copy of broadcast address by Edwin Lewis and two photographs, of the broadcast address from Victory Gospel Hall, Kingstanding, Birmingham];
  7. Autobiographical notes concerning J. Turner's association with Brethren in Bridlington;
  8. Extract from trust deed of Sand Area meeting room, Kendal;
  9. Thomas Elwood, "The Brethren - a 'back to the Bible' movement" - newspaper cutting (xerox) from the Belfast Telegraph, 16th May 1958;
  10. Wm. Rodgers of Omagh, "To whom shall we go? - God's gathering centre" (duplicated typescript);
  11. Walter Stanley Rippingale, notes on various Biblical texts (manuscript notebook);
  12. T.J. Knapp, A brief account of the life and labors of Christopher Knapp (1870-1945), with bibliography of books and pamphlets by C. Knapp;
  13. Press cuttings (photocopies) relating to the actor Kenneth Griffith's association with Brethren in London.

Box 37

  1. Manuscript notebook containing principally poetry;
  2. Two manuscript notebooks in German, apparently belonging to Erich Damm;
  3. Notebook containing minutes of meetings to discuss a central conference in London, 1950-1; those present included W.G. Hales, H.C. Harland, S.V. Scott-Mitchell, J.M. Shaw, J.B. Watson, J.R. Casswell;
  4. Minute book of the Christian Colportage Association, 1973-6;
  5. Notebooks and papers of Robert Stanley Boyes, including the following:
    1. carbon copies of papers:
      1. Christ's self-emptying (3 ff.);
      2. Critical theories: their place and legitimacy (7 ff.);
      3. A thesis on Luke: evangelist and physician (10 ff.);
      4. The new lower criticism: an essay on the legitimacy of critical and exegetical theories and the authenticity of the authorship of the four Gospels and the relation thereof with the Apostle Paul (16 ff.);
      5. An introduction to the study of the New Testament: preface as to the Old Testament (9 ff.);
      6. Three or four principal prophetic actors? How many more? The mystery of iniquity and its progressive working (7 ff.);
      7. Reason and the second advent: history and its lessons (5 ff.);
      8. Three prophetic actors: anti-Christ, the Beast, and the King of the North (12 ff.);
      9. short correspondence with The Prophetic Witness;
    2. a memo on his father, Stanley Milton Boyes, copies of his publications, and his funeral service programme, 1956;
    3. notebooks containing Spanish, French, and German vocabulary; and general notes.

Boxes 38-44

'Fisher Papers'. Large collection of photocopies.

Boxes 45-51

The Papers of Clapton Hall

Boxes 52a - 52e

Charles Smith [on whom, see Precious seed, vol. 56 no. 2 (May 2001) p. 41] - notebooks:

  1. The Epistle to Laodicea;
  2. The great parable of Luke 15;
  3. Assured future blessing of Israel;
  4. Threefold parable of Luke 15;
  5. Confession of the remnant;
  6. Joseph's testimony (Heb. 11.22);
  7. King Herod and John the Baptist (Mk. 6.14-30);
  8. The brazen serpent (Num. 21; Isa. 45; Jn. 3);
  9. The piercing of Christ (Jn. 19.31-38);
  10. The vail of Moses' face;
  11. The great white throne (Rev. 20.11-end);
  12. A dark saying opened (Ps. 49);
  13. Hades and Gehenna;
  14. Why Christ was sent;
  15. Innocence and sin;
  16. The service of Christ not after the flesh;
  17. The new covenant;
  18. Spiritual parentage;
  19. The Sadducees in error;
  20. The singing of an hymn (Mt. 26.30) - 26th July 1905;
  21. The silver redemption money;
  22. Genesis 21.10;
  23. Mary's faith;
  24. The excellence of faith in contrast with its adversaries;
  25. Analysis of Mr. Pember's book;
  26. Collected poems; and 8 other notebooks containing miscellaneous matter;
  27. The body of Christ;
  28. Practical teaching of the body of Christ.

Box 53

The Bible Scholar, 1926-38 - cuttings of articles by H. St. John.

Box 54

Papers of Paragon Hall, Hackney, including:

  1. Minutes of meetings for brethren 1936-9, 1955-74;
  2. Minutes of oversight meetings, 1938-59, 1959-74, 1974-9, Dec. 1979-Nov. 1999;
  3. Roll book 1938;
  4. Paragon Youth Centre minute book 1970-86;
  5. Sunday School (?) mark book 1968-88;
  6. Deed of trust;
  7. Papers relating to Sunday School centenary;
  8. Newsletters 1956-74;
  9. Miscellaneous papers.

Box 55

  1. Miscellaneous notices of meetings in the Kelly-Lowe-Glanton circle of fellowship;
  2. Notes of a meeting between brothers of the so-called Kelly/Lowe and Glanton companies, London, Jan. 15th 1949.

Unboxed 56

Notebooks of G.J. Polkinghorne.

Box 57

Manuscript book of Thomas R. Loosely, dated May 21st 1900 (possibly not Brethren, though containing humorous reference to 'brethren' in a poem).

Unboxed 58

Visitors' book, pages headed:

  • First general meeting at Sion College, 28th January 1937;
  • Committee (Executive) meeting 18th Feb.-24 Sept. 1937;
  • Valedictory gathering 29th Nove. 1937;
  • Welcome gathering 1st Jan. 1938;
  • Executive committee 28th Jan.-10th June 1938.

Envelope 60

Diary of William Fairbairn of Whittingham, 1903-1908 (photocopy).

Box 61

G.W. Robson: various notes on Swanwick conferences and extracts from The Witness and The Harvester.

Box 62

The 'White-Campion' list (see A.D. Ehlert, Brethren writers [Grand Rapids, 1969] p. 9).

Boxes 63-76

Papers of G.H. Lang (see separate listing - in preparation).

Boxes 77-89

[N.B. these papers remain under a 15-year embargo from February 1997; those wishing to consult them may do so with permission from the Christian Brethren Archivist and, where deemed necessary, from Mrs. V.A. Rawlins and Mr. T.L. Green]:

Papers and relics of Arthur Edwin Green (1909-1997), comprising the following:

  1. Matters of personal interest:
    • [77] Loose-leaf binders containing sermon notes on subjects including OT & NT characters, Scripture portions, ministry, gospel addresses, short talks, special times, fellowship teas, weddings & funerals, odds & ends;
    • indexes listing sermons given in various places, 1956-1989;
    • telephone messages (Christian telephone service);
    • Bible study notes and notes taken from sermons;
    • answers to London Bible College test papers;
    • WEA notes on NT textual criticism;
    • folder containing papers on Green's service with the St. John's Ambulance Brigade;
    • notebook (of R. Grandison) containing Bible study notes, 1928;
    • [78] model of the tabernacle previously owned by R. Grandison;
    • miscellaneous other papers;
  2. Matters relating to Slade assembly, Erdington, Birmingham:
    • [79-80] registers of attendance, 1969-1990;
    • minutes book of deacons' meetings, July 1970-March 1981;
    • assembly diaries 1974, 1975, 1979, 1982, 1983;
    • notebook containing people's addresses;
    • visiting book containing addresses (apparently of Slade assembly members);
    • notebooks listing recipients of Harvest Thanksgiving gifts, 1945-1977;
    • copy of Slade Assembly Hall Trust deed;
    • Slade assembly newsletters 1962-1997;
    • notebook concerning Newsletters 1951-1987;
    • Newsletter account book; Lifelines (duplicated gospel mesages including invitations to Slade); papers concerning the sixtieth anniversary of Slade assembly, 1986;
    • [81] files of assembly correspondence, 1960s-1980s;
    • letters from E. Lewis;
  3. Matters relating to A.E. Green's interests and activities:
    • [82] Papers relating to the following matters: estate of W.H. Trappett, house groups and the shepherding controversy;
    • Swanwick Women's Weekend Conferences, 1967-1971;
    • Swanwick Conference of Brethren, 1976, 1981, 1982, 1985;
    • notebook containing notes taken at the 1964 Swanwick Conference on Christian unity;
    • Birmingham Missionary Meetings, 1968-1992;
    • [83-86] Midland Eventide Home Trust;
    • Birmingham City Mission;
    • [87] Birmingham City Mission Hostel Advisory Meetings minutes, 1980-1991;
    • [88] minute books relating to Erdington open-air work, 1935-1939 (also containing notes on other subjects);
    • papers relating to trustees' meetings of Duke St. Chapel, Sutton Coldfield;
    • and miscellaneous papers, some relating to other Midlands assemblies;
  4. [89] Cuttings and lecture notes from various sources.

Box 90

Master tapes of addresses given at Swanwick Conferences of Brethren, 1969-1977

Box 91

Tape recordings of addresses given at Swanwick Women's Conferences.

Box 92

Master tapes of Swanwick Conferences, 1990-1996.

Box 93

Tape recordings of talks given by various Brethren.

Box 94

Master tapes of Swanwick Conferences, 1978-1986.

Box 95

Suitcase containing seven heavily used Bibles belonging to H.G. Brandon.

Box 96

[Concerning items 1-6, see letter of Janice Holmes, 30 September 1997]

  1. The elders say... (Dublin Evangelical Church, mid 1990s);
  2. Marjorie Holthauer, History of Clyde assembly;
  3. Some of the Lord's servants in Great Britain and Ireland (containing versions of the photo-montage grouping of many Brethren with attempts at naming those illustrated);
  4. Laurel and Ward Gasque, Frederick Fyvie Bruce: an appreciation;
  5. Gordon MacDonald, Lake Wobegon's prodigal son...Garrison Keillor (extracted from Christianity today, 18 May 1992);
  6. Editions of Open forum, 1973-4, and letter of Robert McClurkin to Robert Greenhow of Open forum, relative to a split in the assembly at Turner Road Chapel, Windsor, Ontario;
  7. papers concerning the North American Brethren Research Fellowship;
  8. Papers relating to American Brethren and the splits/differences arising from Decade of Promise and the role of Interest Ministries, including editions of Milk & Honey and Watch and pray;
  9. Papers relating to the 1978 split in Turner Road Chapel, Windsor, Ontario, including :
    • transcript from Ken Palmer's diary, May-June 1978;
    • letter from Ken Palmer (25 Oct. 1997) concerning his thought about the TRC split, with accompanying documents;
    • response to letter of censure from C.H. Greenhow, Robert Greenhow, and John Jenkins;
    • letters from the Greenhows defending their position;
    • letters from brethren in other assemblies (one referring to Constantine Metallinos) in support of excommunicating brethren at TRC;
    • letter from Robert McClurken with added notes by Cyril A. Lapsley made at a meeting;
    • relevant papers of C.A. Lapsley; and explanatory letter (11 Ap. 1998) by Susan Lapsley Holmes;
    • note by Andrew Rennie, 25 Sept. 1998
  10. Turner Road Chapel anniversary, 1930-1990, dossier.

Box 97

Blackley Gospel Hall, Manchester:

  1. Oversight minutes, 1948-1962;
  2. Assembly business meeting minutes, 1962-1970.

Box 98

Gordon Rainbow's Web pages, visited 26th July 1999, containing:

  1. Personal, but not private;
  2. My journey;
  3. My projects;
  4. James Boyd;
  5. John and Mary Steen: a memorial;
  6. [Brethren] History, incl.:
    1. Early years, recollections;
    2. 1827-1875, C.H. Mackintosh;
    3. Review of truth: J.B. Stoney;
    4. F.E. R[aven] in America, 1898, J.S. Allen;
    5. Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock: a history;
    6. Conscientious objection to bearing arms: 1943;
    7. Decline and departure, recent development, by C.L. Nunnerley;
  7. Biography, incl.:
    1. J.G. Bellett;
    2. J.N. Darby;
    3. J.B. Stoney;
    4. C.H. Mackintosh;
    5. F.E. Raven;
    6. C.A. Coates;
    7. James Taylor (1870-1953);
    8. A.E. Myles;
    9. G.R. Cowell;
    10. Brief sketches, of W. Trotter, T.H. Reynolds, J.B. Catterall, and A.M. Hayward.

Boxes 99-101

Papers relating to Southcroft Hall, Streatham, London.

Boxes 102-103

Papers of Open Brethren Assembly, Woolpit, Suffolk

[Photographs placed separately in photographic collection in storage box.]

Box 104

(1 & 2) Transcripts of addresses by J.T. Mawson, Forest Hill, London:  

  1. on Isaiah 21. 11-2 (25 Oct. 1914),
  2. on Rev. 16. 12 (27 Oct. 1914); letter of J.A. Taylor of Worthing, 27 Dec. 1916.

Box 105

Letters received from missionaries by the Women's Missionary Fellowship of Rutland Road Church, Bedford.

Boxes 106-112

Papers relating to the Swanwick Conferences of Brethren, formerly in the possession of G.W. Robson.

Boxes 113-121

Papers etc. of Cholmeley Hall/Evangelical Church, Highgate:

  1. Photographs and photographic plates.
  2. Building plans; correspondence relating to full-time worker; notes on the history of Cholmeley Hall; printed and duplicated items; title deeds; legal correspondence.
  3. Documents relating to the building.
  4. Various printed notices.
  5. Annual lists of members, 1886-1995.
  6. Miscellaneous papers.
  7. Building plans.
  8. (unboxed) Minutes books of elders' business meetings, 1913-1976; cash books; members roll books; Sunday School registers.
  9. (unboxed) Two tape recordings of ?

Boxes 124-131

Papers relating to Cholmeley Evangelical Church:

  1. Trustees and finance papers, c. 1970-1999.
  2. Papers relating to Upper Holloway Fellowship of Churches, 1967-1995.
  3. Teaching planning, 1974-1999.
  4. Weekly notice sheets, c. 1979-1999.
  5. Church workers papers: [Access restricted - see archivist for details]
    1. CPW Group, 1987-1994;
    2. Redevelopment of 272;
    3. 272 leadership team, 1993-1999;
    4. Bethany Hall, Barnsbury, 1971-1972;
    5. Women's role conference, 1975;
    6. Youth Fellowship, 1960s;
    7. Deacons, 1970-1972.
  6. Elders' minutes and agenda, 1975-1999.
  7. Papers on strategic issues, 1970-1999.

Box 132-135

Partnership (UK) Ltd Archive

Boxes 136-139A-I

Papers of Neil W. Summerton

Catalogue Pending

Box 140

  1. Analysis of assembly evangelism: data collected but never analysed (from G.W. Robson);
  2. Visitors register and names of executive committee of unnamed society, 1937-1938 (first meeting held at Sion College, 28 Jan. 1937);
  3. papers from the prophetic conference held at Cora Hotel, 3-4 Jan. 1953;
  4. paper entitled The Prince of the covenant, by N.S. Denham (?);
  5. Assembly Walk Chapel, Carshalton: Jubilee memories;
  6. The British Weekly, 5 Dec. 1901, containing a review of W.B. Neatby's History of the Plymouth Brethren by Ian Maclaren;
  7. extracts from a notebook of J.S. Darling (photocopy);
  8. paper entitled 'Days of service remembered' by J.F. Todd, describing the work of some former members of the Taylor Exclusive Brethren circle of fellowship, including C.S. Mackertich of Iran and Tatiana Stenbock of Estonia and Russia; copies as follows:
    • statement of C.S. Mackertich;
    • letter from C.S. Mackertich to A.J. Gardiner, 18 April 1957;
    • report of visit to India and Persia by E.J. Hemmings and L. Morford, Dec.-Jan. 1958 [sic]; extract from letter of Mackertich, 18 Nov. 1958;
    • part of one of Mackertich's last letters, c. 1975;
    • brief biographical notes concerning Miss T. Stenbock;
    • A new way to become a nun, being autobiographical notes by Miss Tatiana Stenbock (part ii);
    • extract from letter from Miss Stenbock, Germany, Nov. 1958;
    1. notes on Thorncombe Chapel, Dorset and Joseph Way;
    2. papers relating to the legal ownership and disposal of Winsham Gospel Hall, Somerset;
  10. Memorandum on the Plymouth Brethren group, commonly known as the Vernalites (an offshoot from the Needed Truth or Highways of Zion community), prepared by James Ewing Thomson, November 2000, with list of related materials sent for the Christian Brethren Archive, December 2000 and the following papers:
    1. How should a sinning assembly be dealt with, and by whom? - copy of part of minute of meeting of overseeing men of the Churches of God in the British Isles held in Glasgow, 3rd Jan. 1929;
    2. copy of letter from J. Wiseman, for the reunited 'Vernalites', to John Barbour in reply to unofficial overtures from the latter seeking to promote reunion of 'Vernalites' with Needed Truth party, 18 Jan. 1974;
    3. copy of letter of J. Barbour to 'Bro. Willie', 15 June 1974;
    4. 'Greenock leads the way' (possibly by J. Barbour): describing the Needed Truth secession in Greenock from the Open fellowship in 1892.

Boxes 141-143

Papers of Dr Margaret Grace Cutler (1934-1996), former member of Taylor Exclusive Brethren. (The papers contain occasional annotations in the hand of Edwina Hawker.)

Box 141

  1. Blue file marked '1959-70', containing mostly efforts to compile a publishable narrative:
    • summary of Rowdon's Origins of the Brethren 1825-50;
    • 'Brethren history' (typescript, 2 pp.);
    • the same, expanded to 4 pp. of typescript in red;
    • 'Historical outline of changes occurring in the doctrine and practice of the Plymouth Brethren up to 1970' with Appendix, 'Diary of some of the events among the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren from 1959-1970' (typescript, 4+19 pp.);
    • Expansion of the original 'diary notes' from 1959-70, being 'Diary 1964-70' and short MSS diary notes, May-July 1960 and Nov. 1962-July 1963 (manuscript and typescript, 7+36 pp.);
  2. first pink file, marked '53/65', containing typescript of Taylor family correspondence,
    1. Mrs. James Taylor to her son Arthur P. Taylor, 1 Feb. 1952,
    2. Will to Jim, Stamford, 28 Sept. 1954 (5 f.); diary notes, 12 Jan.-31 Dec. 1961, 12-24 July, 4 Dec. (?1962), including account of M. Cutler's mother's death, (manuscript, pencil and ink, 161 pp.); list of some members in Blackheath, Hall Green, Langley Green, Old Hill, Sparkbrook, Stourbridge, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Warley Woods, Wolverhampton, Yardley, and Kidderminster meetings (c. 1962-3); newspaper cuttings relating to suicides of the farmers Winnie and Elsie Rhodes, after having been banned by Brethren from dealing with the Egg Marketing Board (July 1962) and petition for government inquiry into Brethren (July 1962);
  3. second pink file, marked '63/64', containing extensive MS notes covering events during 1963-4, mostly the controversy of Brethren with the press and Parliament about the Pharmaceutical Association and about divided families (with press cuttings and correspondence); note, dated 17 Dec. 1965, from a friend about a 'case' in Malvern; essay on Chinese communism (in which Brethren dissidents at the time tended to see parallels with their own situation) (manuscript, 5 pp.);
  4. black spring-back folder, containing diary 10 Dec. 1964-31 Dec. 1965 and copies of letters, including reference to the M. Cutler's father's remarriage (manuscript);
  5. buff folder marked '1966', containing diary notes for 1966, supplemented by two buff notebooks from the same year and pocket diary, 1965-6 (manuscript and typescript) and two copies of printed lists of members in meetings in the Birmingham area (annotated in manuscript)

Box 142

  1. buff folder marked '1967', containing 3 notebooks with reports of meetings (including some notes made at author's request by Edwina Hawker) and pocket diary for 1967;
  2. buff folder marked '1968-1969', containing 3 notebooks with reports of meetings and other materials, pocket diaries for 1968 and 1969, typed notes (3 ff.) on Birmingham care meeting, 30 Nov. 1968 (N.B. this period is also covered by audio cassette - see below);
  3. buff folder marked '1969', containing 2 index cards with an outline research plan for Brethren studies, a worldwide list of 3-day meetings, Dec. 1968-Ap. 1969 (probably an excerpt from a prayer agenda), and an Agenda including revised list of 3-day meetings, 18 July-31 Aug. 1969 and matters of universal concern and interest;
  4. buff folder marked 'diary 1970', containing 2 notebooks with reports of meetings, a pocket diary for 1970, computer-generated typescript covering the whole year, 2 copy letters (subsequently printed), prayer agendas, and newspaper cuttings (N.B. this period is also covered in detail in 3 audio cassettes - see below) (the author clearly regarded this as the nadir of recent Exclusive history).

Box 143

  1. buff folder marked 'Diary 1971-72', containing:
    1. 'The Glasgow judgment of 5th April 1972 and subsequent events, reviewed in 1977' (duplicated typescript, 6 ff.);
    2. list of meeting rooms (in the 'Aberdeen' circle of fellowship), mid-1970s? (duplicated typescript, 15 ff.), with 'Meeting room address book 1993, alteration no. 3, April 1995' (duplicated typescript, 1 f.);
    3. sheets of a draft atlas of meetings, 1969, with annotations indicating those who agreed with the Aberdeen judgment, 1971 (manuscript, 23 ff.);
    4. list of meetings in France, March, 1961;
    5. Diary, 1971-1972 (typescript and manuscript, 78+74 ff. with attachments);
    6. Bristol meetings, 11-13 June, 1971 (typescript, 2 ff.);
    7. re: Warley Woods Meeting Room Trust and other trusts: opinion submitted by Wellers, solicitors of Bromley, 17 June 1971, & Specific points on which counsel has been asked to advise (typescript, 12+2 ff.), together with additional papers relating to the ownership of meeting rooms in Birmingham;
    8. R. Stott, Seven of the cardinal sins of the Jim Taylorites, July 1971 (typescript, 1 f.);
    9. copy letter of W.T. Petersen to F.D. Waterfall, 11 Nov. 1971 (1 f.);
    10. extract from a letter from Edward Biggs to a brother in Australia (typescript, 2 ff.);
    11. assembly meeting at Glasgow, 8 Feb. 1972 (typescript, 1 f.);
    12. copy letter of G.M. Strang, 2 Mar. 1972 (typescript, 1 f.);
    13. copy letters of Wm. Bradford: 28 July 1971 containing facts regarding Hamilton, and to A.B. Parker, 23 June 1972 (typescript, 2+2 ff.);
    14. copy letter of W.R. Mason, 31 Aug. 1972 (typescript, 2 ff.);
    15. report of hearings, District Court, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Jan.-Feb. 1971 (typescript, 1 f.);
    16. red note book covering matters occurring during 1971-2;
  2. green spring-back folder, containing correspondence about the 1991 division in the 'Frost' Brethren, with whom the author was then associated;
  3. pocket diary for 1974, containing account of the author's father's funeral in addition to much other material;
  4. 4 audio cassettes of dictated diary material: 1968 and 3 of 1970;
  5. Introduction to a glossary of Exclusive Brethren terms current in the 1950s-60s, prepared by Kenelm Hawker;
  6. Biographical notes about Margaret Cutler, prepared by Edwina Hawker (also master copy on disk) and copies of two photographs.

Unboxed 144

Hebron Hall, Carlisle, Minutes books, 1874-1946; conference arrangements book, 1922-1935.

Box 145

  1. John A.H. Dempster, 'Aspects of Brethren publishing enterprise in late nineteenth-century Scotland', 1983 (typescript);
  2. Obituary notices of A.H. Burton, Lord Radstock, W.U. Paull, T.M. Neatby, and A. Mace; letter from A.E. Saxby to Frampton, 28 June 1922;
  3. papers of W.J. Hocking:
    1. articles extracted from The Bible Treasury;
    2. Bible study notes;
    3. notes on Romans;
    4. notes of addresses:
      1. Psalm 139.1-8,23-24; Job 40.3-5; 42.1-6; John 21.15-17, 23rd March 1935;
      2. 1 John 2.14-17; 4.1-5; 5.1-5, 22 February 1936;
  4. War diary kept by Leslie H. Hocking (son of W.J. Hocking), Feb.-July 1916.

Box 146

  1. Diary of Henry Sidney Turrall, 1888, when he lived at Richmond-on-Thames, the year before his going to Spain: contains
    1. notes of address by Mr. Hopkins, Hudson Taylor, Rev. Weston (Calvinist C. of E.), Mr. Turpin, Rev. Mauchlen (Presbyterian), Rev. John Bartlett (Congregational, Tunbridge Wells), Rev. G.F. Head, Mr. Grubb (Holy Trinity), Dr. Carless, Rev. Voysey (Strict Baptist), C.H. Spurgeon, Bishop of Cashel, Rev. C. Aston, Rev. Snashell (Congregational, Tunbridge Wells), Mr. Humphries, A.A. Head;
    2. names addresses, and attendance register of Sunday School children;
    3. daily notes in diary form; (1) Wm. Hislop, The story of the building of the Gospel Hall at Law (typescript, 4 pp.);
  2. Overtown Gospel Hall: past to present (typescript, 13 pp. with 2 accompanying maps);
  3. Letter of James Lees to J. Donaldson, Vienna, 11 April 1958 (Lees died five days later, on 16 April);
  4. Letter of commendation for John Donaldson, signed by six brethren of Ebenezer Hall, Burnbank;
  5. two letters from Home and Foreign Mission Funds, addressed to J. Donaldson (31 Aug. 1953, 15 June 1954);
  6. Copy of entry from 1881 Census, listing members of the household of J.N. Darby;
  7. Photographs, 1881 census return, and street directories relating to Edward Crowley and family (donated by A.R. Naylor);
  8. Christian Brethren Research Fellowship publications (archive list), prepared by G. West;
  9. Partnership publications (archive list), prepared by G. West;
  10. copies of trust deeds relating to Cholmeley Hall (Evangelical Church) and Bethany Hall, London N.1;
  11. legal documents relating to the sale of Bethany Hall and letters relating to the dispersal of funds from the sale;
  12. copy of letter from Mr & Mrs J.W. Roberts, Nairobi, 2nd March 1976;
  13. correspondence relating to commendation of Stephen S. Short;
  14. The Durand Centre Project: an outline;
  15. Study group on church principles, Bulletin no. 3, February 1958 (signed F.R. Coad);
  16. architectural plans for church halls 'economic in cost, satisfactorily planned and pleasing in appearance', prepared by S. Greenwood for John W. Laing, second edition as revised, April 1960;
  17. Diary of Margaret Malcolm (17 May 1826-11 Aug. 1838), wife of Sir Alexander Cockburn-Campbell (in transcript), together with
    1. brief biography of Sir Alexander Cockburn-Campbell (1804-1871) and portrait, prepared by Julia M. Cockburn Crawley;
    2. comments on the diary and letter to Julia M. Cockburn Crawley by Ian McDowell (Jan. 2002); and
    3. biography of Sir John Malcolm (1769-1833), father of Margaret Malcolm, from the Dictionary of National Biography;
  18. papers circulated at consultation in Bath of support bodies, 8 Feb. 2002, incl.:
  19. Brethren Archivists & Historians Network, Oak Hall, the Christian Brethren Archive, Medical Missionary News, Western Counties and South Wales Evangelisation Trust, Partnership, Redcliffe College, East Anglian Women's Conference, Women's Bible Study Conference (Babbacombe & Wales), the Church Planting Initiative, the J.W. Laing Trust, Counties, Brass Tacks, Tilsley College, Gospel Literature Outreach, and Stewardship Services;
  20. Transcription of members register of Bethesda Chapel, Bristol;
  21. notes on
    1. Parry Sound assembly;
    2. Immanuel Mission, N.E. Arizona

Box 147

  1. Papers on discussions in early 1980s on housing of workers in Brethren churches in London area;
  2. Papers relating to meetings to stimulate Brethren leaderships in north London (late 1970s);
  3. Papers of the Committee of the Winchester Bible Teaching Conference, 1971-9.

Box 148

  1. Papers of the 1981 consultation at London Bible College organized by the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship, the Swanwick Conference Committees, and the Winchester Bible Teaching Conference Committee (the conclusions influenced the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship, Partnership, Harvester, and a number of other actions in the 1980s);
  2. Cholmeley papers relating to efforts to stimulate church regrowth in inner north London, 1987-1992.

Unboxed 149-153

Scrapbooks of F.A. Tatford documenting his activities and publications from June 1934 to July 1984.

Boxes 154-161

The J.N. Darby collection, formerly in the possession of Henry Sibthorpe of Redruth, Cornwall and for some years in the Stichting Archief voor de Kerkgeschiedenis in De Bilt (later Vaassen), Netherlands, before transfer to the present Archive in June 2002.

This collection has now been catalogued and can currently be viewed as an Adobe PDF  file using the following link: 

Also included is a John Nelson Darby Letterbook, donated by Susan and Thomas Holmes. The letterbook contains handwritten transcriptions of 51 letters, 160 pages in total, which were written between 1862 and 1863 whilst Darby was on the first of several missionary journeys in Ontario, Canada.  

Box 162

Papers donated by F. Roy Coad, as follows:

  1. Letter from Alec Clifford, 1973;
  2. Radical missionary perspectives [referring to the ideas of A.N. Groves] by Timothy Stunt (duplicated typescript);
  3. The Clarencian [journal of Clarence High School, Bangalore], no. 9 (1962), dedicated to the memory of Alfred McDonald Redwood, with, enclosed, four photographs of the school and scholars;
  4. Clarence High School, Bangalore (a description of the work), 5 ff. duplicated typescript;
  5. Papers by O.W. Ware:
    1. Across the pages of Scripture: I. Households (7 Jan. 1953), II. Brethren;
    2. "Without the camp": "Into the camp" (17 April 1956);
    3. "That which was from the beginning": A. Reception, B. Communion (27 Feb. 1953), C. The things that are: a plea for a re-start (11 May 1956); also:
    4. "According to your faith" - extract from "A story of how the gospel was taken to China" by M.D.S, published by G. Morrish;
    5. Comparison of work of the Spirit in China with similar work in West 100 years previously, Extracts from Letter from J.N. Darby to Prof. Tholuck, 185-;
    6. An address by Watchman Nee, published in China's millions, 1: viii: 51: Perfected saints;
  6. Letter of Charles Morgan, Alfred Stunt, and Francis Stunt to William Lincoln describing their dissatisfaction over the principles of gathering practised at Beresford Chapel, 14th October 1864 (typescript copy prepared by T.C.F. Stunt, with endorsement by T.C.F. Stunt and F.R. Coad, and covering letter of T.C.F. Stunt to Coad, 30th September 1960;
  7. Note on West Street Chapel, Carshalton (newspaper cutting from the Advertiser & Reporter, Thurs., 24 Oct. 1963);
  8. St. Cleers Chapel, Somerton, Newsbrief no. 7 (April 1980);
  9. Normando P. Fontoura & Maria das Graças, Portugal: a country of many needs (duplicated leaflet);
  10. Dan Pasquale, "The assembly work in Rome", extracted from Missions 3 (Dec. 1979);
  11. Paul Perret, Coup d'oeil [sic] sur l'historie et les principes des frères appelés "Frères Larges" (Inst. Emmaüs, Vennes sur Lausanne), 28 pp. (duplicated typescript);
  12. David J. Jeremy, article on J.W. Laing (1879-1978) prepared in 1980 for the Dictionary of Business Biography;
  13. David J. Jeremy, Sir John William Laing (1979-1978): a business crisis and its consequences, 21 ff. (duplicated typescript);
  14. Correspondence between F.R. Coad and Kirby Laing concerning the gold bowl presented to J.W. Laing and his wife on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary, with page from Team spirit (issued by the John Laing group of companies), April 1980, recording the presentation of the bowl to the Mayor of Carlisle.

Boxes 163-164

F.R. Coad's research notes for his History of the Brethren movement (1968): two files containing 504 notes, with an index prepared by Coad.

Box 165

File of correspondence and reviews relating to F.R. Coad's History of the Brethren movement (1968).

Boxes 166-167

Bearwood Road Meeting Room, Birmingham records, consisting of two manuscript books, viz 1881-1897; 1898-1915; accounts book 1913-1922; and miscellaneous notes.

Box 168

  1. Robert L. Peterson, A history of some assemblies of Christians in the United States and Canada (1999);
  2. Papers relating to the biography of Hendrik Leendert Heijkoop (1906-1995):
    1. by E.N. Cross, Biography of Hendrik L. Heijkoop. 1906-1995,
    2. by J. Klein Haneveld (from Bode van het heil in Christus, vol. 138, no. 10 (Oct. 1995),
    3. from Mitteilungen aus dem Werke des Herrn in der Ferne, no. 323 (15 Oct. 1995),
    4. from Folge mir nach: Zeitschrift für junge Christen, no. 3 (2002);
  3. J.A. von Poseck, Christus oder Park-Street? Gottes Wort oder Menschenwort?
  4. Biblio J. T[aylor] père en français, Kingston Bible Trust: bibliography prepared by Ch. Maillebouis;
  5. Autobiography of Theodore Stanley Soltau (1890-), grandson of Henry William Soltau (1805-1875), with correspondence between the former's granddaughter Eleanor Soltau and David Brady concerning the Soltau family;
  6. J.P. Th., "Justification & J.N. Darby", article extracted from the Bible League quarterly, no. 384 (Jan.-Mar. 1996);
  7. Philip Nunn, Observations and reflections of a concerned missionary, 8 March 2002;
  8. Unrevised notes of a reading in Edinburgh with J. T[aylor] on the 20th April 1912, Hebrews 6.11-end (duplicated manuscript;
  9. letters relating to the Tunbridge Wells division:
    1. 5 Oct. 1908, , Wm.A. Gibson, J. Gould, and A.H. Strevens on behalf of the Berrymead Room, Acton;
    2. Nov. 1909, letter signed by various Continental brethren;
    3. 1 July 1909, signed by brethren separating from C. Strange in Tunbridge Wells;
    4. Nov. 1924, reunion letter, signed by W.F. Knapp, Denver;
  10. letter of brethren in Aberdeen seeking reconciliation with brethren from whom they have been divided, March 1919 [erroneously dated 1819].

Box 169

Copies of printed papers relating to brethren in Italy:

  1. paper entitled Tolleranza dei papisti;
  2. Documenti relativi al processo e incarcerazione del Conte Piero Guicciardini ed altri esiliati dalla Toscana con Decreto del 17 Maggio 1851 [three versions];
  3. Religious liberty in Tuscany in 1851; or, documents relative to the trial and incarceration of Count Pietro Guicciardini, and others, exiled from Tuscany by decree of 17 May, 1851. Translated from the Italian (London, 1851);
  4. Al popolo;
  5. Count Guicciardini: (copies of extracts from the) correspondence between the British Minister at Florence and the Foreign Office (1851), respecting the case of the Count Guicciardini, presented to the House of Lords, by command of Her Majesty, in pursuance of their address of March 18, 1854;
  6. Il Nazionale, Firenze, 17 Aprile 1850;
  7. Matthew Davenport Hill, Tuscan jurisprudence: case of the Madiai, 2 parts [containing Letters I and II] (London, 1853) [the first letter is inscribed "To Francesco & Rosa Madiai with the Author's kind regards, Sepr. 1854"];
  8. Persecutions in Italy: extract of a letter from Tuscany (private statement);
  9. Samuel Waldegrave, The Bible in Italy in 1851: a speech delivered in the Town Hall, Bedford, June 9, 1851, at the Annual Meeting of the County Association in aid of the British and Foreign Bible Society, etc. (London, 1851);
  10. letters containing reports by Piero Guicciardini and distributed by W. Yapp: 18 July, 18 Nov. 1857; 28 June 1858; Jan., 20 May 1859; Jan., Aug. 1860; Feb., Dec. 1861; June 1862; June 1863;
  11. letter of W. Yapp, 17 June 1857, headed "To all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity";
  12. extract from the Gazzetta del Popolo, 9 June 1857, entitled "Religious trial in Alessandria".

Boxes 170-171

Iconic materials relating to B.W. Newton:

  1. three miniature portraits, one of B.W. Newton as a young man and two of the Hawkins sisters, one of whom became Newton's wife;
  2. a sketch of Morton Toulmin and four paintings by Amy Toulmin, the subjects unknown although one could possibly be of Morton Toulmin and another, of an old lady, might perhaps be Newton's mother.
    Enclosed also are:
    1. auctioneer's description of the miniature portraits;
    2. statement by C.W.H. Griffiths describing the provenance and fortunes of these items;
    3. letter (22 Dec. 2001) from Rosemary Stewart relating to the portraits;
    4. letter (9 July 2002) from C.W.H. Griffiths relating to these items;
  3. Isle of Wight County Press obituary of A.C. Fry.

Box 200

Photocopies of notes of N. 'Abboud, Egypt.

Box 201

Papers relating to Ayrshire Missionary House, Newmilns

Box 202

Items of Brethren Bibliography:

  1. List of Brethren publications belonging to Gregory Berg;
  2. List of Brethren items contained in the New Zealand Christian Brethren Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ;
  3. Photocopies of title-pages of tracts held by I. Monins;
  4. Bibliographical notes relating to S.P. Tregelles and Edward Denny;
  5. List of documents kept at Brook St. Chapel, Tottenham; list of members meeting at Brook St. Chapel, Tottenham, Jan. 1907
  6. Inventory of annotated Bible and notes for Bible addresses of Thomas Elwood;
  7. List of Christian Brethren Research Fellowship publications (Sept. 1995);
  8. Catalogue of the Library in the George Müller Foundation, Bristol (typescript);
  9. Catalogue of the McNairn Plymouth Brethren collection in the Canadian Baptist Archives, McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontairo.

Box 203

Photocopies of papers relating to Matilde Calandrini in the R. Biblioteca Nazionale d Firenze.

Box 204

Papers concerning Corshamside Gospel Hall, Neston, Corsham, Wilts.

Box 205

Biography of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Brockhaus (in German).

Box 206

Drafts of German translations of writings by G.H. Lang.

Boxes 207-209

Papers in German, some apparently extracted from journals, including the following:


  1. Sechzig Jahre Bibelschule (Wiedenest);
  2. Offensbarungs-Perioden und Heilszeiten;
  3. Kurze, statistische Übersicht über die Jahre 1930-1945 in der Bibelschule (Wiedenest);
  4. Einige bedeutsamen Ereignisse der Geschichte des Missionshauses Bibelschule Wiedenest chronologisch geordnet;
  5. E. Sauer, Einleitung Neues Testament (Wintersemester 1956/57 Bibelschule Wiedenest);
  6. Gedenket eurer Führer: Carl Brockhaus, Georg von Viebahn, Phil. Richter;
  7. Aus der Arbeit der Bibelschule in Wiedenest;
  8. Ernst Schrupp, Erweckliches aus der Brüder-Mission;
  9. Georg von Viebahn, 'Wahrheit', 'Erkenntnis', und 'Liebe';
  10. Einiges aus der Geschichte der Brüder;
  11. Gemeindebrief der Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Dahle, 1853-1978, Jubiläums-Ausgabe;
  12. Etwas darüber, wenn jemand aus den Systemen kommt, um mit uns das Brot zu brechen;
  13. J.N. Darby, Über Aufnahme (Privatbrief);
  14. J.N. Darby, Briefe über die Taufe;
  15. Ernst Busch, Der Kirchenbegriff des Darbysmus vom reformatorischen Schriftverständnis aus, with covering letters, one from Carl Koch;
  16. historical notes on Bibelschule Wiedenest.



  1. Letter signed by L. Thöne and others, Elberfeld & The Hague, February 1912;
  2. Briefwechsel zwischen den Brüdern J.F. Hamilton und O. Hoernle in London einerseits und den Brüdern R. Brockhaus, E. Dönges, M. Koechlin, R. Voorhoeve, und J.N. Voorhoeve, 1911;
  3. J.B. Stoney, Was ist Laodicäa?;
  4. 1937 und 1941;
  5. Christliche Gemeinde Bad Homburg v. d. H., 1887-1947;
  6. Letter from Walter Allemann to Ulrich Bister, 4 Aug. 1972;
  7. Johannes Warns, Kennt das Neue Testament die Bedienung einer örtlichen Gemeinde durch einen einzeinen Prediger?;
  8. Missionary reports from the Middle East extracted from Mitteilungen aus dem Werke des Herrn in unser Tagen;
  9. Paper by Kurt Karrenberg: 'Warum... Versammlungen der "Bruder"?';
  10. Open letter from Robert Reitz to Henk Heijkoop, 30 April 1973;
  11. Letter from Brethren in Bensberg-Refrath referring to the exclusion of Martin and Ilse Vedder (?1972/3);
  12. Rundbrief von Basel, ausgegeben am 17. Nov. 1921 als orklärende Note zum Original-Brief gehörend;
  13. Ulrich Bister, Notice concerning Friedhelm Menk's publication, '"Brüder" unter dem Hakenkreuz'.



  1. Letter from Becker to Gerhard Löwen, Dec. 1936 (?); Letter from Carl Koch to G. Löwen, 24 Nov. 1936;
  2. Open letter from Gerhard Löwen, 19 Nov. 1936;
  3. Letter from Walter Kolb to G. Löwen, 27 Nov. 1936;
  4. Hugo Hartnack, Rundbrief Nr. 6 an alle frühere BfC.-Gemeinden, 5.4.1949;
  5. another letter from Hartnack, Nov. 1949;
  6. Circular letter from the Reichsminister für die kirchlichen Angelegenheiten, Berlin, 4 Oct. 1939;
  7. Ernst Lange, Gründe und Gegengründe für die Vereinigung der Bünde der Baptisten, Freikirchlicher Christen und Freier Evangelischer Gemeinde nach dem Vorschlag der Baptisten, 5 Mar. 1938;
  8. Letters from Paul Schmidt and Walter Vogelbusch on behalf of their meeting in Berlin, Dec. 1941, Feb. 1942, July 1944;
  9. Letter from assembly in Wiedenest, An die Brüder der Bundesleitung des Bundes Evangelisch-freikirchlicher Gemeinde z. H. Br. Paul Schmidt und Br. Karl Reichardt, Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe;
  10. Bericht von den vom Bolschewismus befreiten Missionsfeldern, 27.11.41;
  11. Letter from Paul Schmidt and Hugo Hartnack, Bad Pyrmont, Feb. 1946 on behalf of the Bund Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden in Deutschland;
  12. H. Menninga, , Letter, 25 Sept. 1937; (12) Letter from W. Windgasse;
  13. Unkorrigierte Nachschrift des Lehrganges über 'Die falsche Prophetie des Blutes';
  14. copies of letters: from J.N. Voorhoeve, J.B. Samson, J. Tiesema, G. Hengefeld (18 Nov. 1927); from P. Baumer (Frauenfeld, 6 Jan. 1938); A. Geschwind, E. Zürcher-Fisch, J.F. Furrer, Karl Schnapp, Paul Zimmermann, Sam. Graf, F. Shönherr (Zürich, 10 Nov. 1937); J.N. Voorhoeve (Winschoten, 13 Sept. 1938); W. Stücher (on behalf of Brethren in Hückeswagen) (Eiserfeld, Mar. 1949);
  15. Vertrauliche Mitteilung für die Geschwister, die sich in Jesu Namen versammeln, signed by brethren in Holland, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, and Scotland (Oct. 1938);
  16.  Kurzer Bericht über die Zusammenkunft der Brüder aus Belgien, China, England, Frankreich, Holland, Italien, der deutschen und französischen Schweiz und der Tschecheslowakei am 27. und 28. August 1937 in Zürich.

Boxes 210-211

Papers relating to the Bund Freikirchlicher Christen.

Box 212

  1. R.F.L., Howard and other family connections in 19th century Tottenham;
  2. Some notes on the [Howard] family tree.

Box 213

Papers relating to Little Glanton, 1938-40.

Box 214

Merrion Hall Dublin Collection

Box 215

Photocopy of duplicate letter book, Newmilns Gospel Hall, 1902-3.

Box 216

North Kasai Mission (Westcott Mission Inkongo; North Sankuru Mission, Loto): letters other than field circulars/Akela circulars; transcript of address by Mr. Wilson on work in the Belgian Congo.

Boxes 217-218


  1. Letters of Lotte & Ulla Sauer to J.A. Green, 17.1.83 & 14.6.87; letter of G.K. Lowther to J.A. Green, 16.11.82;
  2. Papers of Erich Sauer, mainly photocopies of letters. Correspondents include:
    • W. Andrae,
    • Ursula Sauer,
    • Fr. Richter (on behalf of the Bund freikirchlicher Christen),
    • Werner Schnapper,
    • Ernst Lange,
    • Paul Schmidt,
    • Walter Vogelbusch,
    • Ernst Kuhlmann,
    • Wilhelm Brockhaus,
    • Theod. Küttner,
    • Paul Perret,
    • Artur Aporta,
    • A.C. Gaebelein,
    • Georg Brinke,
    • Theodore Roberts,
    • Ernst Modersohn,
    • E.H. Broadbent,
    • Ernst Berning,
    • Fritz von Kietzell,
    • E. Wächter,
    • Otto Bastian,
    • Hans Becker,
    • H. Luckey,
    • Walter Brockhaus,
    • Hugo Hartnack,
    • Ernst (?) Pohl,
    • Chr. Schatz.


(Continuing from 217:)

    • Köhler,
    • Rudolf Brockhaus,
    • Hans Bruns,
    • Fred Stettler,
    • C.A. Flügge,
    • Chr. von Viebahn,
    • Wilhelm Meyer,
    • Karl Brockhaus,
    • Käthe Strothmann,
    • Erwin Knabe,
    • Ernst Schuch,
    • Arthur Lotz,
    • E. Hornbacher,
    • Heinrich Köhler,
    • Hans Legiehn,
    • Wilhelm Birkenstock,
    • Hans Herter,
    • Franz Lüllau,
    • Edward Jermej,
    • Reinhold Dröschel,
    • Wilhelm vom Stein,
    • Wilhelm Bomnütter,
    • Heinrich Wiesemann.

Box 219


  1. W. St., Wie kam es? Die Wahrheit über den 'B.f.C.';
  2. E. Sauer, Gelegenheit zum Sieg. Bemerkunge zum Gemeinschaftsproblem;
  3. Diary of events, Wiedenest, 16 Sept. 1939-29 Dec. 1944.

Box 220

J.R.S., paper relating the history of Brethren divisions, with particular reference to the position among Exclusive Brethren in Sheffield (Dec. 1988).

Box 221

K.F. Reid on Tunbridge Wells (1991) and F. Marotta, The Tunbridge Wells family tree (1992).

Box 222

Carol A. Owen, The Brethren movement in Warrington (dissertation prepared for teacher's certificate, Padgate College, 1973).

Box 223

Items relating to the Taylor/Symington/Hales Exclusive Brethren, including:

  1. newspaper cuttings;
  2. copy of letter addressed by Ivy Frost to Brethren meeting at Turner Street and elsewhere in Birmingham, 3 Jan. 1961;
  3. copy of letters of Dorothy B.G. Line to John F. Watney, 23 Sept. 1967, 22 July & 26 Aug. 1996; and letters of J.F. Watney to Mis J. Line, 7 May, 31 July, 5 Oct. 1996;
  4. A.A. Elliott, The pathway of separation (typescript);
  5. Copy of letter and replies to queries to The Evening Express, Aberdeen, Scotland from J. Taylor, Jr., Dec. 1964;
  6. Exclusive Brethren: list of rules as supplied by a former member of the sect (1962);
  7. Preaching by T. Welch at Cambridge, Oct. 18, 1964;
  8. Papers concerning the matter of the religious charities administered in connection with the company of Christians sometimes known as Exclusive Brethren, including correspondence with Jill Knight MP over rating policy (1983) and letter from Paul Gillingham, free-lance reporter;
  9. Christian fellowship: extracts from notes of readings with F.E. Raven in USA in 1902 (typescript);
  10. Atlas of meetings of Exclusive Brethren, indicating groupings;
  11. Material on Taylorite Exclusive Brethren taken from Dick Wyman's homepage on the web;
  12. Correspondence concerning the application of Exclusive Brethren for the right to conduct marriages in Sweden, 1995;
  13. Notes on some of those formerly connected both with Exclusive Brethren and the University of Cambridge, most of whom hope to attend a dinner at King's College, Cambridge, on Friday, 22 May 1998;
  14. James Taylor, New York: a brief review 1951-2001, we have gone too far (Manchester, Christian Publications)

Box 224

  1. Copies of correspondence:
    1. between E.J. Boyt (Manchester) and R. Grubb (Norwich), 5 Nov. 1954-6 Jan. 1955;
    2. between G.A. Lucas and A.P. Aris (?), 17 Jan. 1962 and 21 Mar. 1967;
    3. from G.A. Lucas to J.R. Caswell, 4 & 20 June 1967;
  2. The Greenwich [Raven] family tree of Exclusive Brethren divisions, prepared by F. Marotta, 1991;
  3. Statement by F.A. Hughes concerning C.A. Coates's renunciation of the doctrine of Christ's non-eternal Sonship, with covering letter of W.J. Ouweneel (7 Sept. 1979) and second covering letter of Leslie Everitt (13 June 2001).

Box 225

Bible study notes prepared by A.P. Aris.

Box 226

N. Dickson, drafts of sections of study on the history of Brethren in Scotland.

Boxes 227 a and b

  1. Notes on the Wingate family, including correspondence, prepared by D. Brady.
  2. C. Griffiths: Article in 'The Christian Witness' ascribed to B.W. Newton (typescript).

Box 228

The history of the present movement: notes of addresses given at the Lanarkshire Bible Study Class at Ashgill in 1970 (typescript).

Boxes 229-255

[N.B. These papers are presently 'on deposit' in the University library]: Papers of Joseph Barnes Watson.

Boxes 256-297

The Guicciardini archive, i.e. copies of papers relating to Piero Guicciardini in the Guicciardini Palace, Florence, including complete listing (not indexed) of the papers in the collection.

Box 298

Collection of literature, notes and correspondence relating to the Exclusive Brethren collected by Harold Mervyn Morgan whilst working on a thesis concerning the influence of James Taylor Junior.

Box 299

1. Typescript history of Gold Street Chapel, Saffron Walden by Raymond Mitson.

2. Bundle of documents relating to West Byfleet Gospel Hall, Surrey.

3. Photocopy of Catalogue of the Library of the late John Nelson Darby, Esq. 'which will be sold by auction & On Monday, 25th November, 1889, and following day'.

4. Typescript booklet: Richmond Gospel Hall, Plumstead, 'Open thanksgiving Meeting', 14th June 1969.

5. Autograph book of the late Gordon and Ruth Davies relating to the Abbey Road Gospel Hall, Barrow.

6. Three items:

i) Obituary of George Russell from The Herald, 1 October 2004.

ii) Cutting from The Herald Magazine with sketch of George Patterson.

iii) Photograph of George Patterson [?] speaking from public platform.

7. Typescript transcript of diary of T.E. Wilson relating to missionary work in Portugal and Angola between 1923 and 1927.

8. Items donated by Arthur Williamson of Northern Ireland:

i) Opportunity and Responsibility in Ireland (Dublin: 1966). A record of outreach in the republic of Ireland in the mid 1960s which operated under the title, 'Look and Live', and was associated with Merrion Hall, Dublin.

ii) Typescript 'Report of the work of Gospel Literature Distribution and Sisters' Outreach Westwards in 1966'. This relates to the evangelistic work of summer teams which were recruited in Northern Ireland, England and the United States and engaged in door to door visitation with literature in various parts of the Republic of Ireland, mainly in the West.

iii) Typescript 'A loving tribute to my fellow worker George Wiseman' by David Boyd Long. Wiseman was a missionary to Angola who pioneered Christian work among the Shinji and Chokwe people. This is a brief overview of aspects of his life and ministry by a fellow missionary.

9. Typescript chapel history: 'Holyoak Chapel: The Story of the Move, A Modern Miracle: Wood Street 1899-1992, Station Road 1992', produced privately by Raymond A Sinclair for circulation to members and friends.


Box 300

1. Items donated by Arthur Williamson, September 2004:

i) F.S. Arnot correspondence to 'brother Williamson' (1909-1912) from Johannesburg and Kalunda Hill Station: these comprise 4 manuscript and 2 photocopy letters of acknowledgement for financial support received from the assembly at Ahorey Gospel Hall, Richill, County Armagh, N. Ireland.

ii) Printed pamphlet: Frek.A. Tatford, Frederick Stanley Arnot (Bath: 1981).

iii) Printed pamphlet dated May 1970 [estimated to be about the centenary of the assembly]: Downshire Road Assembly [County Down], setting out the 'history', 'doctrine and practice', 'purpose' and 'hope' of this local church. It notes that Mr. R.E. Sparks was an early member of the assembly. He subsequently went to Bath where he joined the editors of Echoes of Service.

iv) Printed centenary brochure, Ahorey Gospel Hall, Richill, County Armagh, 1881-1981. In particular it concerns a conference for Bible Ministry that was held in a tent in a field owned by the Williamson family. It mentions the conversion and ministry of Mr. David Rea, a travelling preacher who was responsible for establishing the Ahorey Assembly in 1881, the first meeting at Richill at Marshall's Slated Row and later at Malt Kiln at the Williamson farm, and since 1909 at Ahorey Gospel Hall. The first annual conference meeting took place on 21 July 1881 and the last such conference was held in 1981. This was an important event in the annual calendar of assemblies throughout Northern Ireland for 100 years and during living memory attendance was in excess of 600 people.

v) Issues of North, East West South [NEWS] missionary magazine 1946-1952. This was published by R.J. (Bobbie) (1906-1988) and Eirene Wright of Japan and Carrickfergus while they were based in N. Ireland following Bobbie's release from prison in Yokahama during World War II. Bobbie Wright a chemist by profession went to Tokyo in 1931. For the first two years he worked as a chemist after which he established Gospel outreach. He was accompanied to Japan by John Hewitt from Ahorey Assembly in County Armagh. Both were imprisoned in Tokyo. John Hewitt died in prison.

2. Items donated by Arthur Williamson, April 2009:

i) Copy of typescript letter from John Laing to W.R. Lewis dated 21 October 1922, transferring shares from John Laing and Son Ltd to the Stewards Company Ltd in order to fund missionary work abroad, evangelical activity at home, and relief of the poor and sick.

ii) Copy of typescript letter from John Laing to W.R. Lewis dated 18 July 1947 transferring shares from John Laing and Son Ltd to 'J.W.L. Trust', the income from which was to be used 'for Inter-Varsity Fellowship, or applied to the encouragement of Bible Scholarship'.

iii) Photocopy typescript of 'Notes Regarding Giving written by Sir John Laing when he passed over administration of the J.W. Laing Trust and the J.W. Laing Bible Scholarship Trust to the Stewards Company Limited'.

iv) Copy of the 'Trustees Report for the year ended 5 April 2008' of the Beatrice Laing Trust.

3. Personal record produced by W.J. Scott of the Missionary Study Class conference held at Ellerslie School, Malvern in August 1936. It contains a detailed account of the activities along with photographs. [Donated by David John Scott]

4. Collection of small tracts produced by the Bible and Gospel Trust:

1) 9/11, B. Parker
2) Above the brightness of the sun, A. Cooper
3) Behold the sight, J. Taylor
4) And call upon me in the day of trouble, ---
5) A change of mind, J. Taylor
6) Convicted or condemned? J. Taylor
7) Cry of the world! E.E. Nichols
8) The day of reckoning, E.S. Teiffel
9) Decisions, R. Trevvett
10) An earnest word, C.A. Coates (adapted)
11) Eternal destiny, Douglas Rose
12) Eternity, C.A. Coates
13) Eternal things, C.A Coates
14)  Faith for healing in Jesus Christ as Son of Man, B.D. Hales
15) A free offer for you! P.S. MacGregor
16) From confusion to peace, B.D. Hales
17) The future: what does it hold for you? H.J. Middleton
18) The grace of god that bringeth salvation, C.D. Collins
19) The good news of Jesus and the resurrection, E.R. Bricknell
20) Have you had a transaction with Christ? B.D. hales
21) He will swallow up death in Victory. Where, O death, thy victory? E.L.C.
22) The heart satisfied by Christ, J.S. Hales
23) H.M.S. Glorious, S.D. Selby
24) The Holy Scriptures, J.N. Darby
25) How God has forestalled the man of sin, J. Taylor
26) How the lost sheep was found, ---
27) An invitation, C.A. Coates (adapted)
28) Jack's story, D.W.H.
29) James Neill — stretcher bearer, D. Nason
30) Jesus is God, K.Ford
31) A just God and a saviour, J.N. Darby
32) The King, J.H. Symington
33) King of kings and lord of lords, J.S. Hales
34) Light shining out of darkness, J. Taylor
35) This little child, E.L. Crutcher
36) The love of God in three relations, J. Taylor
37) Man's extremity, God's opportunity, E.L. Crutcher
38) A man's hand, J. Taylor
39) Particularly for you! P. Lyon
40) Pleasure, F.J. Hewitt
41) A powerful preacher, C.A. Coates
42) Saved from judgement, J.S. hales
43) The sinner's friend, J.S. hales
44) Soul settlement, D.N. Siderfin
45) Standing by, T.M. Nichols
46) A stranger than he, J.S. Hales
47) Substitution, J. Taylor Jr.
48) Ten seconds to live! K. Birch
49) To the young: where are you going? J.S. Hales
50) The truth and authority of scripture, Edward S. Teiffel
51) What do I learn from scripture? J.N. Darby
52) What I believe, J. Taylor Jr.
53) When I see thy heavens, Miss F.R.H. Mathews
54) When shall he die and his name perish? S. Lyons
55) The wonder of creation, A. Cooper
56) The wonder of God's universe, J.S. Hales
57) The word of God, F.E. Raven
58) The wreck and the island, J.B. stoney

5. Two notebooks donated by Adrian Rubie:

i) Notebook of G.V.W[igram]. On the first page is a heading 'The Present Question 1848-1849'. It contains an introduction dated April 1849 followed by a series of 'Letters' stating Wigram's views on the 'Bethesda' controversy. It contains handwritten reproductions of letters from others, followed by Wigram's own notes and letters in reply. It also contains 'Notes on the Bradford Meeting, Yorkshire, April 1864' and notes of a lecture by C. Hill dated 21 March 1865.

ii) Notebook concerning the conversion experience of Edward Denny and his attempts to convert his mother. It contains a long and detailed account of his mother's last illness and death. The mother in question is Elizabeth Denny, wife of Sir Edward Denny. She died on 27 April 1828. The notebook contains a handwritten copy of a letter from Mr. Wigram to 'my brother Anthony' relating to the death. Letters from Elizabeth to members of the family are pasted into the notebook. It also contains poems [hymns?] and letters from family members and friends concerning the death. Enclosed in the notebook is a later article and photograph relating to Edward Denny [torn from an edition of Henry Pickering's Chief Men Among the Brethren].

Box 301

Collection of items donated by David Brady:

1. Items concerned with Gordon Darrah and the firm of Baxendale and Co.

i) Copy of the Will of Laban Baxendale.
ii) Printed excerpt: 'Baxendale and Co. a Firm with a Remarkable Story'.
iii) Printed excerpt: 'Charles Darrah'.
iv) Typescript note re the marriage of Charles Darrah and Eleanor Chamberlain
v) Handwritten notes concerning the Darrah family.
vi) Copy of newspaper cutting 'Darrah-Pearn' concerning the marriage of Arthur L. Darrah and May Pearn.
vii) Newspaper cutting re death of Nen Darrah.
viii) 2 copies of photograph of large suburban house
ix) Handwritten reproduction of census enumerator's return of 1881 for Holly Point, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire.

2. Manchester related material

i) Pamphlet: Lancashire Missionary Conference, centenary commemorative booklet.
ii) Leaflet: Laurence E. Porter, 'Swear not at all &' (Birkenhead, 1978).
iii) Letter to David Brady from Gordon Terry [?] regarding Christian Brethren in West Yourkshire. Photocopy pages attached with biographical information on Joseph Spencer.
iv) Records of Hope Hall, Ardwick Green, Manchester.
v) Photocopy of 1851 census return relating to Temeprance Hall, Lower Crumpsall.
vi) Records relating to Mount Chapel, Salford:

a) Letter to David Brady.
b) Letter from David Brady to Willis J. Elwood.
c) Typescript, 'Contents of Safe in Vestry at Mount Chapel, March 1988'.
d) Typescript copy of legal document: 'Declaration of Trust', Mount Chapel Trust, 16 July 1964.

vii) Leaflet: F.F. Bruce, Who are the Brethren? (Pickering and Inglis, 'Witness Booklet, Number One').
viii) 2 photographs of Dial Park Hall.
ix) Photograph: 'Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson of Warwick St.'
x) Leaflet: 'Werneth Assembly, Centenary 1984'.
xi) Letter from Kingsley Melling to David Brady, February 1999 with information about Brethren assemblies in Lancashire.
xii) Typescript copy (1 sheet) from Mass Observation Archive, University of Sussex concerning an Exclusive Brethren congregation, 'Chancery Lane'.
xiii) Typescript copy (1 sheet) from Mass Observation Archive, University of Sussex concerning an Exclusive Brethren congregation, 'Service at Hebron Hall, Sunday 17th April 1938 at 10.30 a.m.'
xiv) Photograph: Chapman Hall, Gorton.
xv) Photograph: Brethren Meeting Room, Withington Town Hall.
xvi) Photograph: Brethren Meeting Room, Cheadle.
xvii) Photograph: Brethren Meeting Room, Pendlebury Evangelical Church.
xviii) Photograph: Brethren Meeting Room, Manton Gospel Hall.
xix) Photograph: Brethren Meeting Room, Victoria Gospel Hall.
xx) Photocopy of photograph: 'Hope Hall Sunday School Outing 1960'.
xxi) Typescript list with handwritten corrections, 'Names to be verified'.
xxii) Letter to David Brady from Brian Elliot, re Christian Brethren assemblies in Manchester and district.
xxiii) Typescript circular letter 'The Gospel Hall, Venwood Road, Prestwich' regarding relocation of assembly.
xxiv) 5 photographs:

a) 4 women, 'Manchester Missionary Home', names on back
b) 'Manchester Village Workers van' at Bury Ave., Whalley Range, with names.
c) Elsie Whyman
d) Young woman
e) Mary McGuffie

xxv) Photographic folder with reproduction of 2 photos. Includes note from Audrey Elliot: 'Elsie Whyman sent these photographs to my parents'.
xxvi) Photocopy of a page from Echoes of Service magazine with photograph of 'Wooden Tent in use in Manchester'.
xxvii) Copy of typescript letter of application for position of Honorary Assistant Aural Surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary from Henry Patterson Lawson of Altrincham Open Brethren Assembly.
xxviii) Copy of handwritten application letter for position as House Surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary from H.P. Lawson.
xxix) Handwritten letter to David Brady from Fred Evans concerning photocopies of letters to Jean Johnson.
xxx) Photocopy of letter from from Jean Johnson to 'Marian and Fred'. Mentions having read the history of Brethren in Manchester. She comments on some assemblies and corrects details relating to Beulah Hall.
xxxi) Typescript list: 'Assembly Correspondents Manchester area, October 1981'.
xxxii) Pamphlet: The Letters from A.N. Groves to J.N. Darby (Bristol: E.C.L.).



Boxes 302-311

Records of the Fitzwilliam Chapel, Sheffield, made up of:

1. Legal documents including deeds, insurance papers, tenancy agreement.
2. Financial papers including treasurer's documents, quotations for building work, ledgers and accounts.
3. Minutes of trustees meetings, 'brother's meetings', oversight meetings, etc.
4. Correspondence of trustees and others.
5. Architectural plans of chapel.

Box 312

Collection of items connected with the Exclusive Brethren donated by George Mair:

  1. Printed booklet: List of meetings 1985. Pencil note on cover stating that this refers to 'the "Frost" meetings'. Contains handwritten additions. Inside is a photocopy of an introduction to a 'Hymn Book Revision, 1962' relating to publication of the Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot.

  2. Typescript list of meetings headed 'Three Day Meetings (April 1970 List)'. Contains list of meetings held in various countries and a list of 'Brothers in the Forces'.

  3. Bundle of typescript lists of members of the 'Renton Group' after Aberdeen 1970.

  4. Collection of typescript circular letters relating to the events at Aberdeen in 1970.

  5. Copy of the Land Registry documents relating to a meeting house in Park Street, Islington, London.

  6. Satirical poem 'A Tale of Two Cities'. Typescript circular.

  7. Poem 'Judging the System' (photocopy).

  8. Collection of documents relating to further divisions between 1972 and 1975 relating to those 'withdrawn from' following the Aberdeen incident. Collection of typescript circular letters and  a list of 'Initials in New York Readings'.

  9. Collection of photographs of Brethren individuals originally contained in a small box from Roberts Photographic Services. Also typescript copy of 'List of Photographs available with negative numbers', which has been used to match photographs to individuals in the following list:<

    1. Bruce Hayles with James McKay
    2. W. Mooney & A.N. Walker
    3. Mr & Mrs A. Price
    4. Mr & Mrs A.N. Walker

    5. A.N. Walker
    6. J. Symington & Mr Arthur Taylor
    7. Mr W. Mooney
    8. Mr & Mrs Halrs

    9. F.N. Walker
    10. Paul Deverish
    11. B. Halrs
    12. Mr & Mrs Symington

    13. J. Symington
    14. J. Symington
    15. Paul Deverish
    16. Mr & Mrs A. MacDonald

    17. W.B.H (excluded from negative numbers list)
    18. A. Robertson
    19. Mr & Mrs J. Pollock
    20. (No Name just dated 1965?)

    21. S. Price
    22. Kenneth Price
    23. Mr & Mrs Hibbert
    24. Mr & Mrs Heath

    25. V. Locks
    26. Charles Taylor
    27. Mr & Mrs A.M Hayward
    28. Mr & Mrs A.M Hayward

    29. L.E Samuels
    30. Mr &Mrs G Howell
    31. G. Howell
    32. Mr & Mrs A Brown

    33. Mr & Mrs Taylor & Mr & Mrs B. Hales
    34. Mr & Mrs Taylor
    35. W. McKillop
    36. Mr & Mrs B. Parker

    37. A.B. Parker 
    38. A.B. Parker [Negative number not on the list]
    39. J.S. Ephgrave
    40. J.S. Ephgrave

    41. J.S. Ephgrave
    42. J.S. Ephgrave
    43. Mr & Mrs Hardwick
    44. P. Hardwick

    45. E.E Hoyt
    46. E.J. McBride
    47. McCallum S. & J.T. Jr. & B. Hales
    48. J.T. Sr. Taylor & Mrs & Estelle

    49. Mr & Mrs Taylor
    50. J. Jr Taylor
    51. Mr Taylor
    52. Mr & Mrs McCallum

    53. Mr & Mrs McCallum
    54. McCallum S.
    55. A.J. Gardiner
    56. A.J. Gardiner

    57. Mr & Mrs P. Lyon
    58. P. Lyon
    59. P. Lyon
    60. Mr Lyon & J.T Sr

    61. J.T Sr. Taylor
    62. J.T Sr. Taylor
    63. J.T Sr. Taylor
    64. J.T Sr. Taylor

    65. G.V. Wigram
    66. J Pellatt
    67. J.Revel
    68. Mr & Mrs Otsing

    69. Mr Otsing
    70. Lord A.P. Cecil
    71. R. Dunn
    72. C.A. Coates

    73. C.A. Coates
    74. C.H. MacIntosh
    75. F.E. Raven
    76. J.B. Stoney

    77. J.N. Darby
    78. J.N. Darby
    79. J.N. Darby
    80. Group of 69 Heads

  10. Separate collection of photographs:

    1. A. John E Welch
    2. Bournemouth 1933 grave of William Johnson
    3. Grave of John Nelson Darby
    4. August 1935, Southampton, C.A Coates, J.Taylor Snr

    5. [Photograph of gentleman with boy and lady]
    6. Mr James Taylor, Mr Groombridge and Mr Chesterfield
    7. Doris Swan, Robbie Swan, Max Easton, Edinburgh/Redbridge
    8. 1931 [10 gentleman listed on photograph]

    9. [Group photograph, names listed on the back]
    10. Brothers stationed at Lancaster, 1944
    11. [List of the brothers stationed]
    12. 'Some prominent early Brethren' (with key)
    13. Group photograph with list on reverse ((A.E.Myles, Dr Elliott, James Taylor Snr, Mr C.A. Coates, Mr Alfred House).

Boxes 313-327

The Neil Dickson Collection - material collected by Neil Dickson, whilst researching his book Brethren in Scotland 1838-2000: A Social Study of an Evangelical Movement (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2002). To consult the catalogue of this collection follow the link below:

Box 327-330

Box 331

Box 332-337

Box 338

Material deposited by Max Weremchuck, the author of a biography of John Nelson Darby. The contents summarise the findings of research undertaken by him since the publication of his book.

Box 339

Notebooks of Herbert Walter Nunn

Boxes 340-345

Papers of Leonard Sheldrake

Boxes 346 - 348

Papers of the Gospel Literature Service

Boxes 349 - 350

Papers of Handley Bird

Boxes 351 - 353

A collection of index cards usded by Harold Rowdon whilst working on his book on the origins of Brethrenism.

Boxes 354 - 378

Papers of Geoffrey Taylor Bull

Box 379

Papers of John B. Potts

Boxes 380 - 381

Brethren Photograph Collection

Boxes 382 - 387

Papers of J.B. Watson

Boxes 388 - 396

Papers of Glebe Christian Fellowship

Boxes 397 - 420

Papers of Cross Road Hall, Wimbledon

Boxes 421 - 423

Paternoster Press Papers

Boxes 424-434

Papers of Gerald West

Box 435

Papers of Addiscombe Hall

Boxes 436-543

Papers of Kingsley Melling

Box 544

Niels Vang Collection

Robert James Wilding Collection

Boxes 545-548

Kents Road Papers

Boxes 549-553

George Müller Collection


The Kanarese Conference Collection donated by Kenneth Newton (see catalogue).


South Devon Assemblies Collection donated by Mrs Pru Knowles of Belmont Chapel, Exeter, consisting of:


A. Items relating to the Gospel Hall, Ugsborough, Devon:


1. Legal document of Conveyance for the Gospel Hall dated 2 March 1923.

2. Legal document, Deed of Appointment of New Trustees to the Gospel Hall dated 27 November 1954, and official receipt relating to this.

3. Minute Book of the Trustees of Gospel Room, 1923-1963.


B. Items relating to Galmpton Chapel, Devon:


1. Handwritten legal document dated 1847. Licence permitting dissenting worship in the village of Galmpton, Devon, and handwritten note relating to this dated 1881.

2. Account Book. 'Rent and Expenses' written on inside cover. Contains lists pf receipts and expenses. 1923-1947.

3. Account Book. 'Galmpton Meeting and Cemetery Book' on front cover. 1900-1953.

4. Official document relating to the redemption of annuities for the trustees of the Brethren Chapel, Galmpton. 6 June 1940.

5. Receipt for the drawing up of deed of Galmpton Chapel.


C. Letter relating to money bequeathed to Kingsbridge Gospel Hall, Devon. 10 August 1966.


D. Minute Book of the Gospel Hall, Totnes, Devon. 1958-1962

Boxes 555-556

Papers of Elim Gospel Hall

Boxes 557-560

Records of Mitchley Hill Chapel [NB There is an embargo on much of this collection until 2066].

Box 561

Typescript document ‘The Gathering 1874-1988’: ‘A record of believers in Devises meeting together in the Lord’s name for Christian fellowship and Gospel testimony, seeking to uphold  by the Holy Spirit’s power New Testament doctrine and practice.’ 39 pages.

 CD-ROMs containing:

  1. ‘Sourcebook of the works of Benjamin Wills Newton’.
  2. Collection of photographs of ‘the Ventnor Meeting Room’ with explanatory text [provided by Gregory Morris].
  3. 2 databases of the Little Flock Hymn Book editions produced by Gregory Morris.
  4. PDF copy of ‘M.S.C. Conference, Ellerslie School, Malvern. August 1 to 6, 1936’.

Minute Book of Eastcote Christian Fellowship 1954-1964

Photocopies of letters [originals in British Library] between S.P. Tregelles and Sir Frederick Madden.

Two items relating to Raleigh Street Gospel Hall, Plymouth:

  1. Trustees Minute Book 1933-1948
  2. Sunday School Account Book 1919-1939

Small collection of modern Spanish evangelical leaflets and booklets.

Boxes 562 - 565

G V Wigram Correspondence

Box 566

The Diaries of William G. Sloan

Boxes 567 - 569

Papers of F.F. Bruce

Boxes 570

Papers of the Nilgiri Prayer Fellowship

Boxes 571 - 579

Papers of Harold Rowdon

Box 580 - 581

Papers of Joy Guy

Box 582 - 584

Papers of Edward Petter

Box 585

1. Correspondence and additional papers relating to James Hope, who was tried by court martial following conscientiously objecting to taking up a rifle and bayonet due to his religious beliefs. 7 documents, Jul 1918-Mar 1920

2. Letter from S.P. Tregelles to an unknown correspondent with whom he had worked on the Wigram concordances, 2 Sep 1843.

Box 586 - 588

Papers of the Cardiff and South Wales Bible Ministry Conferences, 1966 - 2000.

Box 589 - 592

Papers of the Cardiff and South Wales Youth Camps

Box 593 - 612

Church of God in Belfast Archive

Box 613

Barnard Street Church, Salisbury

Box 614

London Village Workers Collection