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History and Biography

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  • The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network: BAHN encourages research and publication  into all aspects of Brethren history. They have a journal, Brethren Historical Review (formerly BAHN Review) and hold biennial conferences. There is an extensive collection of recent articles on their website.
  • The Brethren Archive website contains an extensive collection of historical documents, manuscripts, periodicals and other items relating to the history of the Brethren movement.
  • Bruenderbewegung: A German site and a mine of information on the Brethren movement in Germany. It contains reproductions of much English language material, and links to a variety of English language web sites.

Modern works

  • Theological is an internet resource for studying Christain theology. The site contans a useful bibliography of the work of the Brethren scholar F.F. Bruce which contains links to online reproductions of many of his works.

Reprints of Brethren authors

  • Downloads: This page of the Bruenderbewegung site contains reproductions of much English language material, including among other things, Anthony Norris Groves, Letter to John Nelson Darby (1836), William Collingwood, The "Brethren": A Historical Sketch (1899), Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Plymouth Brethren (Christian Brethren), Peter L. Embley, 'The Origins and Early Development of the Plymouth Brethren' (Dissertation Cheltenham 1966), and John Gifford Bellett et al., Interesting Reminiscences of the Early History of "Brethren".
  • STEM Publishing: Here, the collected writings of twenty principal Brethren authors are made available, along with reproductions of Brethren magazines, Brethren hymns, and much else of interest to Brethren scholars.
  • Magazines of Brethren: A selection of nineteenth century Brethren periodicals placed online by Martin Arhelger.
  • Online books: This page from the Brethren publisher and bookseller Chapter Two reproduces a selection of books by Brethren authors.
  • The NorthWestern Province of Zambia: the website of Paul David Wilkin provides information and documents relating to the history of Brethren mission workers and schools. 


Biographical sketches

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