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LUNA Workspace

The LUNA Workspace allows you to compare multiple images side by side.

Adding media to the Workspace:

  • While browsing LUNA simply roll over the media you would like to add and then and click on the Add the Image to the Workspace icon located in the upper left hand corner of the thumbnail.

Adding media

  • You can also add images in the detail view. Whilst in the Detail View simply click on the Add to Workspace icon.

detail view

Working with media in the Workspace:

  • Roll over image in the Workspace to reveal Tools icons in the top right and top left corners of the image.

working with media

  • Move images around freely by dragging the grey frame around the image.
  • Clicking on your browser's refresh button will clear the LUNA Workspace.
  • The grey borders that may be visible on the bottom and right side of the LUNA Workspace indicate the boundary of the Workspace.
  • To add another image conduct another search and add image to workspace.

Viewing tools in LUNA Workspace


View Help: Launches this online LUNA help.


View Image Information: opens the associated image data; the Image Information box can be re-sized and closed by clicking on the "x".


Show/Hide Thumbnail Navigator: allows you to control which section of a zoomed-in image you see. Drag the grey-out zoomed area around the thumbnail to see that zoomed section.


Force fit image to frame: force fits the image to fit within the size frame you have chosen; drag the edge of the image to the desired size, click on the Force Fit Image icon and the image will automatically be re-sized to fit the selected frame size.


Maximize image to Workspace: maximizes the image to fit your screen.


Remove image from Workspace.


Zooming: zooming in and out on an image can be done by clicking on the "+" or "-"symbol, using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or by dragging the zoom bar left or right.