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Sharing, saving and embedding images

Sharing images

  • Conduct a search eg Blockbook
  • You can share the search or go into the detail view to share the image. To share click on the 'Share' button.

Share button

  • You can also share searches/images on social media sites by clicking on 'Share' Icon and selecting the social media site.

Saving images

  • Search for an image
  • Click on the image thumbnail and go to image view.
  • Click on the Save Image button

Save button

  • Select image size and follow the instructions on screen

Save size

Tip: Please note that Bookreader objects are unable to be saved. UOM users have the option to login and access thumbnail images of Bookreader objects that can be added to media groups and then saved separately.

Embedding images

LUNA's Embed allows you to customize the view you want to share by creating embeddable web widgets which can then be placed in other applications such as blogs, forums, and wikis. You can embed search results, Slide Shows, Presentations, the LUNA Workspace, Media Groups, and detail views into other applications. Please note some of the features are only available to UOM users.

  • Click on the Embed link in the LUNA Main Menu.
  • You'll be re-directed to the Embed This page wherein you'll have the following options to further customize this web widget:
  • Select either JavaScript, or Forum code.
  • Select either Object Tag code or I-Frame code (*see Note below)
  • You can change the width, height and border colour of the widget.
  • Choose whether or not to include the image display controls.
  • Choose whether or not to include the display panels (only for LUNA Workspace).
  • As you customize the web widget you can preview the changes in the preview pane. When you're finished simply copy the code below the preview pane and paste it into your wiki, website, blog or forum. The code will also include a link back to LUNA so those who you share the web widget with can easily find their way to your original collections.

iframe code

University of Manchester staff and students

The login in button is at the top right of the image collections screen. University staff and students should always log in for enhanced functionality.

University of Manchester staff and students login