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Media groups

Creating and sharing media groups in LUNA

Creating Media Groups
(University of Manchester staff and students only)


  • Click on login.


  • Enter UOM central username and password.
  • Once logged in got to 'Create' and click media group.


  • Give the 'media group' a file name.
  • You can make the media group private or public.
  • To create the folder click 'save'.
  • To add media to your media group, search the collections.
  • Click on the thumbnail image click the icon in the right hand corner.

Add option in the image view

  • Alternatively when you are in the image view select media your media group and then click add to media group.


Changing your Active Media Group


  • You can easily change which group is your Active Media Group from the Active Media Group pull down menu located at the bottom of the page.


Sharing Media Groups

  • Click on 'Explore' and then 'Media Groups' to see the list of your Media Groups and the public Media Groups. You must be logged in to see your Media Groups.


  • Click on the title of the Media Group you want to create a link to.
  • The Media Group will open.
  • Click on 'Share' and copy and paste the URL into an email, for example.


  • The links you create in LUNA are dynamic, so if you make changes to a Media Group these changes will also be reflected when a user launches the URL to that Media Group.
  • If you have restricted content in the Media Group you are sharing, then users will be notified that they might not have access to all images in the Media Group.
  • Further help on media groups can be found by searching 'Working with Media Groups' using LUNA's own help information. The Help button sits next to the 'Print' button on the toolbar.