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Browsing and viewing media

Thumbnail browsing

  • Conduct a search in the keyword search eg 'Dante'
  • Thumbnails will appear of all the images found with the keyword

Thumbnail navigation:

Thumbnail browsing navigation

Navigate through the pages of thumbnails using the right or left arrows, or by clicking on the page number.

Use the settings cog next to the search box to determine if you want 50, 100, or, 250 items per page and use the thumbnail size icons to determine if you want small, medium, or large thumbnails.

Thumbnail settings

Browse all image options

Media Summary:

  • Roll over a thumbnail to see its Media Summary. The Media Summary offers users a brief summary of the associated media data. Full catalogue data can be viewed in the Detail View and the LUNA Workspace.

Media summary

Print Thumbnails:

  • To print the page or pages of thumbnails click the Print option in the top Navigation bar.

Detail View

Click once on a thumbnail to bring it into the Detail View, where you will be able to use the viewing tools, see full catalogue data, and export images.


  • Accompanying the larger sized image is the full catalogue data, or metadata, for that media.
  • To view more of the metadata on your screen without using your scroll bar, you can expand the Media Information tab.
  • To completely hide the metadata tab simply click on the Minimize icon.


Quick View

  • If you've brought an image into the Detail View from a search result.
  • Click on an image from the Quick View to refresh the image in the Detail View. This will allow you to view several images in the Detail View without having to go back to the Thumbnail View.
  • Click on the Thumbnail link to go back to the original Thumbnail View.