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Creating, viewing and sharing annotations in LUNA

Creating annotations


  • Click on login
  • Enter UOM central username and password
  • Select an image from your media group.
  • Click and hold the annotation icon and drag to the image.



  • An annotations box will appear and you can type your text.

Add annotations

  • Click the save icon to save your annotation.
  • Repeat the above steps to create multiple annotations on the image.

Viewing annotations

  • If an annotation has been saved into a Media Group, you must first open that Media Group, and then open the image in the LUNA Workspace or Detail View in order to view the annotation.
  • If there is an annotation on an image, and you have permission to view it, you'll see the Annotation icon highlighted in green.

Viewing and sharing

  • Click on the green icon and the annotations will appear. To hide them, simply click on it again.

viewing annotations

Sharing annotations

Being able to share your annotations depends on how you chose to save them:

  • Privately: If you've chosen to save them as private, you can't share your annotations - if you share a link to an image with an annotation that has been saved as private they will see the image but not the annotation. You can change the privacy on annotations at any time by modifying the access setting on the annotation you have made.

Sharing annotations

  • To a Media Group: If you've saved annotations into a Media Group that is public, anyone who opens the Media Group and then opens an image from that Media Group to the LUNA Workspace, or the Detail View, will be able to view the annotations. When a Media Group with annotations is copied, the annotations are not copied.
  • Further help on annotations can be found by searching 'Annotations' using LUNA's own help information. The Help button sits next to the 'Print' button on the toolbar.