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The Reformation

The Reformation

A monk who shattered the strength of the Catholic Church, a monarch who wanted to take more than one wife, a society that put sin up for sale – and the power of the printed word to challenge it all.

The Reformation invites you to journey through these tumultuous times. Find out how Luther’s work led to the splintering of the Catholic Church in England.

Learn how Henry VIII’s attempts to divorce led to him overthrowing the Catholic Church and electing himself head of the Church of England.

And discover why William Tyndale’s translation of the bible into English is still felt in the language we speak today. 

Explore our exhibition and see a rare copy of Luther’s 95 theses, as well as a letter handwritten by Luther himself. There is also one of the earliest examples of printing – an indulgence printed in 1455.

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Find out more about the background The Reformation exhibition by watching the following short videos:

7 September 2017 to 4 March 2018

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