Subject groups

The Guide to Special Collections contains summary descriptions of the majority of the outstanding Special Collections held by the Library. In almost all cases more detailed finding aids to individual collections are available from the Library: these are cited in the Guide.

It should also be noted that a subject card catalogue of printed books is available within the Deansgate Building. Some collections which are poorly documented or are of secondary importance have been omitted from the Guide.

As new collections are acquired, or unlisted collections are catalogued, these will be incorporated. If the collection or subject you are interested in does not feature, please seek advice from the Library staff. The Library's manuscript, archive and printed collections are grouped under the headings shown in the menu to the left.

Many collections are diverse in their subject matter and research potential, and consequently feature in more than one category. More detailed collection-level descriptions of archives are currently being compiled in SGML (Standard Generalised Markup Language), according to the Encoded Archive Description standard.

Subject groups in this section