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Rylands Gallery


The Library is home to 1.4 million items. The collections stretch far beyond books, we also look after manuscripts, maps, works of art and objects.

Papyrus fragment of St John's Gospel, Chapter 18, verses 31-33. Ref: Greek Papyrus 457
‌You can discover more of our collections by visiting the splendid Rylands Gallery.

St. John fragment

Here you can see the remarkable Fragment of the Gospel of John, a small scrap of papyrus that lay in the collections for many decades before being discovered in the 1930s.

The Fragment is widely regarded as the earliest part of any New Testament writing in existence and has proved invaluable in revealing more about the spread of early Christianity.  Find out more in the Special Collections section:

In other parts of the Gallery you can see items linked to science, literature, faith, Manchester, art and craft of printing and everyday life.

Items are handpicked by our team of curators to reveal the depth and interest in the collections. While the themes stay the same the items are always changing with new stories to tell and surprises to found.