Roxana Gregor-Som

Landowners and tenants in Byzantine Hermopolis

In 2018, Roxana was awarded the Mark Younger Rylands PhD Scholarship. 

Her research focuses on the social structure of the landowners and tenants in Hermopolis in the period after 400, and involves the re-examination and re-edition of published papyri that bear on the subject, combined with historical interpretation. It also includes the edition of a number of unpublished papyri from the Byzantine period, found in the Rylands collection. 

Roxana’s research will increase our understanding of the social and economic structure of Hermopolis in the Byzantine period. Furthermore, by comparing Hermopolis Oxyrhynchus and Aphrodito, it will allow us to refine our picture of agrarian relations in Egypt at that time. 

Roxana’s PhD is supervised by Dr Roberta Mazza (Classics). Roxana completed an MA in Classics at University College London in 2017 and her dissertation was an edition of unpublished literary and documentary papyri from Oxyrhynchus.