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[English Manuscript 7 - Recipe for Furmente with porpeys]

English MS 7

Forme of Cury, late 14th century

Size: 140 x 98 mm. iii + 35 + i + 50 + ii folios.

The Forme of Cury, 'the (proper) method of cookery', is by far the best known guide to medieval cooking. The name is taken from a parchment roll containing some two hundred recipes, compiled by the master cooks in the Royal Household of Richard II in the late 14th century. The recipes reveal the variety of foodstuffs available to the elite, including stews, roast dishes, jellies, tarts and custards, and the imagination of their cooks; contrary to popular belief, most foods were not extravagantly sweetened or spiced.

This manuscript contains one hundred and ninety-four numbered recipes. According to the editors of The Forme of Cury, this is the best and earliest copy of the beta-version of The Forme, a group that includes British Library Additional MS 5016 and the Morgan Library's B�hler 36. It is contained in a very worn medieval, and possibly original, binding.

It was formerly owned by the 25th Earl of Crawford.

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