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 English Manuscript 207 on Robert the Bruce

English MS 207

Brut Chronicle (1415 Continuation), 15th century

Size: 272 x 200 mm. iii + 123 + ii folios.

The volume comprises two incomplete manuscripts of the Brut Chronicle, the first on vellum, the second on paper, put together in or before 1749 to make a nearly complete Brut to 1415.

The Brut Chronicle, is the earliest prose chronicle in English and was the most popular history of England in the Middle Ages, with over 240 manuscript copies surviving, as well as thirteen editions printed before 1528. Many mythical elements are incorporated, such as the founding of Britain by Brutus of Troy (from which the title comes) and the King Arthur legend, though the narrative becomes more detailed and factual the nearer it gets to contemporary events.

The first part contains 3-line initials alternating in red and blue, with penwork infill and flourishes in black and red respectively.

The first part was perhaps in Lancashire in the 16th century, on the evidence of ownership inscriptions. Later owners include Ralph Palmer (1712-55), barrister, of Little Chelsea; and George Dunn (1865-1912), of Woolley Hall near Maidenhead.

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