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Everybody needs good neighbours

Library Neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours!

This is your Library, your space, your community. Look after it and each other – If you need help just speak to us #UoMLibraryNeighbours.

You can get in touch with any member of staff, just look for the purple people! If you would prefer not to speak face-to-face, you can contact us via any of our social media channels, our Library Help service and the Library Chat tab on all webpages. Further contact details can be found on our Contact details page and our locations and opening hours pages.

Share desk space

Make room for your neighbours. We can help you find a space when it’s busy.

If you're having trouble finding another space when you take a break there's lots of options available to you:

  • Speak to a member of staff - we're always happy to help you find somewhere to study.
  • We can't move another customer's belongings if they've been left behind, so help each other by always taking your stuff with you if you go for a break. Staff can help you find a space when you come back.
  • Check out our locations and opening hours pages and our study spaces pages for a look at what's available at our various Library sites, not just the Main Library or the AGLC!
  • IT services have a PC availability page that will show you which PC clusters around campus are the least busy.

Talk in our social spaces

We have spaces for group working if you need to chat. We can show you where they are.

There are plenty of different types of study spaces, you can see an overview of them on our study spaces pages.

Eat in designated areas of the Library

Help us keep your Library clean and recycle what you can.

There's no hot food allowed within the Main Library or AGLC past the turnstiles, but there are plenty of places to eat and drink around the campus, including the cafe in the AGLC entrance.

Look after each other

If you see somebody struggling, talk to them or let us know. A bit of kindness can go a long way.

The Student Support pages on My Manchester have lots of information about how to help yourself and others. There's also a list of contacts available to you in a crisis.