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The John Rylands Library is a leading visitor attraction steeped in local history and architectural wonder. It is also home to many items in our Special Collections, which span over 5,000 years of world history.  The Innovation Fund allows us to conserve our historic Library, maintain our Collections as a leading research resource, and support new research to unlock their hidden secrets.

• Purchased new equipment to care for our Collections

Our expert team of conservators undertake detailed work to conserve precious items in our Collections not only to preserve them for future generations, but also to ensure they are in a suitable condition for researchers to handle them without the risk of damage. This is a delicate job as repairs are often made to the surface of manuscripts using brushes with a single filament. Their work has been greatly supported by new equipment, including a digital microscope and a vacuum packing machine, purchased thanks to the generosity of donors.

• Supported the acquisition of new items for our Collections

The John Rylands Library was founded by Enriqueta Rylands as 'a place of pilgrimage for the lover of rare books'. We are committed to ensuring important items remain in public collections where they will be shared with others. As the Library has limited funds available for acquisitions, donations to the Innovation Fund provide much needed additional financial resources - allowing us to purchase rare and unique material.

• Supported the conservation of our historic building and furniture

The John Rylands Library is one of Manchester’s architectural treasures and preserving it is an ongoing task. With donor support we can preserve the Library’s original Victorian furniture and architecture, alongside maintaining publicly accessible areas.