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Outstanding learning and student experience

To deliver an outstanding learning and student experience our vision is to:‌

  • Enrich the teaching, learning and student experience by ensuring that all our students receive a high quality, creative and innovative service.
  • Student in The Library‌Take an inclusive approach to actively supporting student retention and success, both for study on campus and through our expanding distance learner offer.
  • Focus on supporting the University’s need to address the complex issues of differential attainment, and clearly demonstrate the unique quality of its teaching and learning activity through the use of metrics and other methods of evaluating impact.

Our aims:

  • continue to take an innovative and consistent approach to ensuring the provision of the Library resources students need to be successful in their studies;
  • support the University’s new emphasis on digital learning alongside the expanding distance learning portfolio by developing an innovative digital service offer that benefits all students and contributes to their success;
  • support the University in its endeavours to convert its offer-holding students by developing a set of stimulating pre-entry interactions and engagement opportunities that will support a successful transition into Higher Education;
  • help to address differential attainment by exploring innovative solutions to support the student groups most at risk of not achieving their full potential;
  • establish a meaningful set of core metrics, and other methods of evaluating impact, which will help to improve student retention and success, including the use of learner analytics;
  • explore our role in helping to improve teaching quality by offering appropriate expertise and events as part of a coordinated network of teaching excellence initiatives.