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Ciaran Talbot

Head of Digital Services (Research and Digital Horizons)

Ciaran Talbot


Ciaran leads Digital Systemsa team providing a range of digital support services. This includes the e-resources helpdesk, support for the library management and discovery platforms holding our collections of resources and objects, and supporting staff and students in their use of digital across the physical and virtual Library presence. 

Ciaran works closely with teams across the library to deliver digital technology and service projects, such as new discovery interfaces and new self-service equipment. He is a Service Relationship Manager for the Library, coordinating the partnership with IT Services to manage the delivery of new and existing services, and developing opportunities for collaboration. 

Ciaran has worked at the University of Manchester since 2009. In that time, he has overseen several large system migrations and led on innovative solutions, such as the BookedIn gamification platform and Book-a-space project. He has an interest in digital transformation and new ways-of-working. Most recently working in partnership with IT Services to deploy Microsoft Teams across the Library as part of the University's early adoption programme. 

He looks forward to supporting the Imagine 2030 strategic vision, with particular interest in developing new ways-of-working and enabling its delivery through our ideas-led workforce.