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What is DigiLab?

DigiLab is a concept developed by the Library, where space and support is provided for you to try out new technology. It might be something that a staff member is developing, or a piece of kit new to the market that we want student feedback on.

We will be running a series of showcases to highlight what we can offer, and to get your insights on how DigiLab should develop to meet your needs.
It will offer students from all disciplines an opportunity to:

  • test new and emerging technologies and consider how they may be used to enhance learning and transferable skills
  • help provide feedback on developing products
  • contribute to the discussion about which technology should be used in the University
  • develop understanding of the product development process

Get involved

DigiLab is a place to play and interact with new technology, whilst providing valuable feedback for developers who want your input on their product.

It might be usability testing a new eLearning resource, bug testing a game or new application, or telling us what you think about Google Glass. Whatever the technology, the emphasis is on what you can get out of it and how technology can be used, promoted and developed within the University.

In the future we'll be working with external companies to bring you talks about Kickstarter funding and developing your own apps and products.

Got an idea about something that would be good to test at DigiLab? Contact us and let us know!

Can we help?