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Find a space

We know that during exams you want to be able to find a study space quickly so you can get on with your revision. We've introduced a few improvements that we hope will help you find a space as easily as possible.

Main Library

Red 3

Red 3 is getting additional furniture this year, we're adding brand-new tables and chairs to create 42 study spaces.

Blue Ground, Main Library

We've added extra furniture to Blue Ground, to give you an extra 28 study spaces.

Coffee station 

In addition to the new study spaces, we'll also be trialling a standalone artisan coffee station on Blue Ground so you can have a break and recharge during those long study sessions.

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

You told us you wanted more flexible spaces so we've purchased new laptop trays which, in addition to the other furniture installed for Exam extra, amounts to around 110 more study spaces.

Site Libraries

Did you know that in addition to the Main Library and the Learning Commons, there are eight other library sites on campus? They are open to all students and many of them have PC clusters available. 

See our map of library sites.

Take a break

You can take a break of up to 30 minutes whilst studying in the libraries, just fill out one of our take a break cards.  If you are going to be longer than this then please take your belongings with you and a member of staff will help you find a new space when you return.

Laptop lockers

Running out of battery? Need somewhere safe to store your laptop? Why not use the laptop lockers located on the ground floor in the Main Library and Learning Commons.  Please speak to a member of staff if you are unsure how to use them.

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