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Print books

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We really want to know which books you want the Library to buy.

If the Library doesn't hold the book you need for your studies or if all our copies are on loan, let us know what it's for and we will buy a copy for the Library.

We expect this offer to be popular so, as we have a fixed budget, it will only be available while funds last.

As all books purchased through the scheme are part of the Library's collection, they are subject to recall if required by another reader.‌

How to order

  1. Using MyManchester, select the 'My Learning' tab and choose the 'Books on Demand' option to submit your request.

  2. You will be asked to confirm that you do not have an active Document Supply request for these items.

  3. You will be asked to provide details about the book, its price, when and why you need the book, and your user details.

  4. After submitting the request, you will receive a confirmation email from the Book Purchasing Team.

  5. When the book arrives, we will email you telling you how, when and where to collect it.

  6. You can order books up to a value of £150 that are related to your studies. For other terms and conditions see the FAQs.


Please note: If you receive an error message after hitting the 'Submit request' button, please contact rather than submitting the request again, as your request may already have been submitted.

How do I get the book?

An e-mail notification will be sent when the book you have requested is ready for collection.

This will tell you where to collect the item from.

Your books will be held for you for 3 days, after which they will go back into circulation.


What is the quickest way to get hold of a book?

  • If you request a Hight Demand item that is out on loan - normally available within 1 day (Monday to Friday)
  • If you request a standard item that is out on loan - available within 7 days (minimum)
  • If you order an item via Print books on demand - normally available within 10 working days

How many books can I order?

To give everybody a chance to make requests, we are limiting this offer to 5 requests per person. We will also place a cap on the number of copies of a title that we purchase.

Can I order any book I like?

You can order any book that is required for your studies as long as it complies with the following conditions:

  • It costs less than £150.
  • It is readily available at our suppliers (e.g. not out of print).
  • It is English language material.
  • You don’t require the book within 10 working days.
  • You don't have an active Document Supply request for this item.
  • It is not a Store item.

What happens after I've ordered my book?

If your order meets the criteria outlined above it should take around 10 working days (on average) to come into the Library. If demand for the scheme is very high, these books may take longer to arrive.

Who can I contact about my book order?

Please email giving the full details of your order. Please remember that most books will take 10 working days to arrive and that, when the book arrives, you will receive an email telling you how, when and where to pick it up.

How long is the scheme running for?

When the budget runs out the scheme will end, so it all depends on your requests. The fuel gauge on the print books page shows the percentage of the budget that remains (this is updated weekly).

Why is it a limited offer?

This scheme to offer copies of the books you want has been rolled out in response to market research that we have carried out with our students.

We have a fixed budget and when it runs out the scheme will close. Each year we review the scheme after it closes and keep everyone informed as to when it will run again.

What else does the Library do to ensure we have enough copies of the books you want?

For core textbooks that are continually in high demand, our policy is to automatically order extra copies whenever possible.

How can I give my feedback on this initiative?

We’d love to hear about your experiences of Books on demand so we’re able to continually build and enhance the service.

Get in touch with us at or tweet us a picture of you and your new books at @UoMLibrary.

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