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Making a Document Supply request

Please note: Loanable material that arrives and is not collected will be subject to a non-collection charge of £10. Please see collecting items for more information. 

Requests via My Manchester

Requests can be made online via My Manchester. Use the ‘Library requests’ application in the My Manchester portal to make your request(s). 

Alternatively, follow the links below to access the request forms directly:

Please note there is a non-refundable administration charge of £2 for each request.

There will be no £2 charge for items supplied via the 'Order a book' scheme.

Requests via Staffnet

If you are accessing the request forms through Staffnet, click on the 'view all' option in the Research heading.

Paper forms

Paper forms can also be used to place requests. Forms can be submitted to staff at the Document Supply service point on Purple Ground, or at the Customer Services desk on Blue Ground. Forms can also be submitted at Joule and Precinct libraries at Customer Service points.

Telephone and email requests

Telephone or emailed requests are not accepted.

Collect printed forms from:

  • the Main Library - Purple Ground Information Point, and Blue Ground
  • the Joule Library
  • the Precinct Library

Download copies of the printed forms:

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (downloadable from Adobe) to view PDF file(s). PDF files open in a new window.

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