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Reservations and fines


If all copies of an item you require are on loan, you can place a request yourself for the item via Library Search. You can have a total of five requests only at any one time.

You will receive an automatic email when your request is ready for collection. Please collect your request at the High Demand desk between 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday. If you wish to collect your request outside of these hours, please ask staff at the Customer Service desk on Blue Ground for assistance.

All reservations not collected within 24 hours (not including weekends) will be automatically cancelled.

If you no longer require something you have requested you can cancel it yourself online or by contacting staff at the High Demand desk.


Fines for overdue items

As High Demand items are key texts, any retention of this type of material can cause great inconvenience to other customers. As a result of this, the fine rate is charged at 50p per hour.

If you have an overdue item on loan, your account will be blocked until the item is returned, meaning you cannot borrow again or renew existing loans. It may also result in your Library access being suspended.

You will be sent an email notification if an item becomes seven days overdue. If you have not returned the item within seven days of this notification you will be sent a further notification informing you that an invoice is being prepared.

Please check your email regularly for Library notices. We will only email you if you need to take action.

It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date, to inform us of any changes and to return loans on time.

It is important that you contact the collection immediately if you are unable to return a book on time.

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