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Renewing and returning items


If you require a High Demand item for longer, you can renew it up to a maximum of five times provided it is not reserved by another customer and your account is not blocked due to overdue items or outstanding fines.

High Demand material can be renewed using online services or by the self-service facilities available within the collection.


All items should be returned through the self-service return machine located at the entrance to the collection. Only High Demand material may be returned here.

It is very important to place items in the machine one at a time, otherwise there may be problems removing the item/s from your record.

The machine does not generate a receipt; to check that the item has been removed from your account wait for the title to appear on the screen. You can also check that your account has been updated by logging on to My Manchester.

Please contact a member of High Demand staff immediately if you encounter any problems using the self-return machine. It is your responsibility to make sure any High Demand items you borrow are returned on time.

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