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The Big Book Move

We are reorganising our book stock into a single, logical, user friendly sequence.

Latest affected areas: 17 August to 24 August 2018

  • Books labelled 200 - 219 covering some sections of subjects such as Theology have moved from Orange Ground to a new location on Blue 2.
  • Books labelled 330 - 339 covering subjects such as Economics have moved to a new location on Blue 2.
  • Books labelled 500 - 539 covering subjects such as General Science, Mathematics and Physics have moved to a new location on Blue 2.
  • High Demand books labelled 940-944, covering History (Medieval and Modern) have been integrated into the Main Library on Blue 3.  

This week the following areas will be addressed:

  • Books labelled 300 - 329 covering subjects such as Sociology and Political Science will move to a new location on Blue 2.
  • Books labelled 340 - 349 covering subjects such as Law will continue to move from Green 3 to Blue 2.
  • The Customer Services team hope to transfer High Demand books in the ranges of 945-999, covering Middle Eastern History and Modern History, and 700-750, covering Art, Planning and Architecture.

Please note: Although the High Demand collection is no longer housed in a distinct space, the High Demand service remains as part of the integrated single sequence.

Books on the Move graphic‌What's happening?

  • Most books (including High Demand) will be integrated into the new, single sequence. 
  • Physical signage and Library Search will direct you to the new locations for books.
  • Books will only be unavailable for a maximum of six hours during the moves.

When is it happening?

  • The move begins on Monday, 11 June 2018.
  • High Demand integration and Blue Three and Blue One completion by September 2018.
  • All book moves and Library Search amendments complete by November 2018.

Study spaces

To ensure you are not disrupted when studying in the Library, we recommend studying in areas where books are not currently being moved and re-shelved.

If you need help finding a book, speak to staff at the Customer Services Desk on Blue Ground,


Having one sequence and similar books stored in a single location means books will be easier to find.

Incorporating High Demand books into one sequence will enable all copies of a book to be located in the same place. 

Students have also said improvements to this area will make the single biggest improvement to their library experience.

Find out more

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