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Research data management in Science and Engineering

Thu 23 Nov 2017, 14:00 - 16:00
Main Library Ground Floor Seminar Room
Hosted by Rosie Higman & Chris Gibson


Have you ever had problems finding the latest version of a file, or discovered a file name you did not understand?

Researchers receive, collect and manage research data in many forms, ranging from measurements and models to videos and simulations. Managing your data can be complex, but a little planning at the beginning can help you save time, increase your impact and work more effectively.

This workshop will cover:

Effective strategies for backing up your computer and organising your files

Methods for working collaboratively on your data

Funder requirements for making your data available, including the EPSRC

Writing a data management plan

You are encouraged to bring an electronic device to this session

This event is open to University students

This event is open to University staff

This event has spaces available, and you can book one yourself

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