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Data management planning

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The University of Manchester recognises its responsibility to promote high standards of research data management practice, and to support its researchers in carrying out such practices. To that end the University has adopted a Research Data Management Policy which states the following about Research Data Management Plans:

“5. Every Relevant Project initiated following the adoption of this Policy must have a Research Data Management Plan, which follows Guidelines, and addresses the arrangements for research data management throughout the project life-cycle.  Unless agreed otherwise, the plan must respect the research data management policies of the funder(s) and of any other interested parties. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that the Research Data Management Plan is created, recorded by the University, adhered to and updated as necessary throughout the project lifecycle.”


Guidance on writing a data management plan is provided.

A data management planning workflow for grant applications can be found by clicking the image below:

Data management planning workflow for grant applications


Effective data management planning has many benefits for researchers, including:

  • time saved through reduced duplication of effort (e.g. capturing project and data-related information at a single entry point)
  • good research practice (e.g. clear and robust plans ensure the integrity and quality of data)
  • improved ease of compliance with funding body, ethical and regulatory requirements (e.g. regarding management and retention of data, including confidential data)
  • greater researcher-control (e.g. allowing access to data by their research group and collaborators)
  • improved risk management (e.g. raises early awareness of any issues, and reduces the risks of loss, theft or inappropriate use of data, which may be irreplaceable)
  • helps researchers find and gain access to data management expertise and infrastructure
  • increased researcher profile through data dissemination and re-use
  • ensuring data can be understood and used, now and in the future

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