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Frequently asked questions

Does the HEFCE Open Access policy affect me?

Yes, if you publish journal articles or peer-reviewed conference papers.

What are the new Open Access requirements for the next REF?

From 1st April 2016, authors must ensure that the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) of all journal and peer-reviewed conference papers have been deposited to an institutional repository or an acceptable subject repository within three months of the acceptance date, and subsequently made Open Access within 12 months of publication for REF Main Panels A & B or 24 months for REF Main Panels C & D.  Exceptions may apply – for further information contact the Library. 

What do I need to do to meet the requirements?

On acceptance send the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) to the Library via the Open Access Gateway. The Library will then ensure that the paper meets the Open Access criteria to be eligible for the next REF, as well as meeting any other funder Open Access requirements. Please send the AAM to the Library no later than 10 weeks from the date of acceptance. 

What is the Open Access Gateway?

The Library’s Open Access Gateway provides information about HEFCE’s OA policy for the next REF and entry points for depositing the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) directly to Pure or via the Library’s deposit form.

Authors should also use the Open Access Gateway deposit form to request Open Access payments from institutional funds.  

Why do I need to deposit all my papers?

Deposit of all journal and peer-reviewed conference papers in the institutional repository is a requirement of the University’s Publications Policy.

What is meant by the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM)?

The AAM is the version that has been agreed with the editor at the point of acceptance. It is not the same as the copy-edited, typeset or published paper – these versions are known as ‘proofs’ or ‘versions of record’.

What if I can’t obtain the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM)?

If you are unable to obtain the AAM contact the Library within ten weeks of acceptance.

What is meant by the date of acceptance?

The date of acceptance is the point at which the editor notifies the author(s) that the revisions recommended during the peer-review process have been accepted and that the article will be passed to the publisher for the final steps of publication.

Is there a list of ‘acceptable subject repositories’?

No. HEFCE have not provided a list of acceptable subject repositories and many will not meet the metadata requirements of the policy. The only way to ensure compliance is to deposit the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) via the Open Access Gateway on acceptance.

If my co-author from another university has deposited to their institutional repository do I have to provide the Library with my paper?

Yes. Manchester authors should deposit the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) via the Open Access Gateway even if a co-author has deposited the paper in another institutional repository.

If a co-author’s external institute has paid Gold OA charges do I need to deposit the manuscript via the Open Access Gateway?

No. The Library will identify papers published via Gold Open Access and create a record in the institutional repository on the author’s behalf. 

If the paper is co-authored by other University of Manchester researchers must all authors send the paper to the Library?

No. A designated University of Manchester author should deposit the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) on behalf of all authors. The Library will then ensure that all institutional authors are linked to the paper. 

Do I have to do anything more once I’ve sent the manuscript?

In most cases authors will not need to take further action after depositing the manuscript. However the Library may occasionally need to request further information from authors to ensure that the paper meets applicable funder’s Open Access requirements.

How will the Library find out that the article has been published?

The Library will monitor multiple online sources for newly published papers. However, to guarantee compliance we recommend that authors send to the Library via email any direct notification from publishers that a paper has been published.  This information will enable the Library to enhance the record’s metadata and apply embargoes, as appropriate. 

Will my paper be immediately Open Access via the institutional repository?

All publishers have their own policy relating to the self-archiving of articles in an institutional or subject repository. The Library will check your publisher’s standard policy and apply any appropriate embargoes on your behalf. Articles will be Open Access via the institutional repository after any applicable embargo period has expired.

From what start point is the embargo period active?

If your publisher requires an embargo period then the start date is calculated from the date of first online publication. The Library will keep the full-text closed access until the publication date, at which point the appropriate embargo period will be set.

Will the article metadata be visible via the repository and on my staff portal page before it is published?

Library staff will make the article metadata visible immediately unless authors make a request for the metadata to be hidden until publication. 

Must a specific licence be applied to the version of the paper deposited to Pure?

HEFCE do not currently require that Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs) are made available under any particular licence.

Can I update the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) with the published version if my publisher allows it?

Yes. Authors can send updated versions of manuscripts to the Library for deposit to the repository. Library staff will then check standard publisher polices before replacing the earlier version of the paper. 

Which version of my papers will be used if submitted to REF?

If your paper is selected for REF submission the published version of record will be made available to Unit of Assessment panel members for review purposes. 

Must my papers accepted before 1st April 2016 be Open Access to be eligible for submission to the next REF?

No. HEFCE’s Open Access policy only applies to journal articles and conference papers accepted from 1st April 2016. 

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