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The Citation Services Team currently offers the following workshops

To arrange for a member of the Citation Services Team to deliver a workshop to your research community complete the form on the page.

Citation analysis 101

Overview:  Citation analysis is an increasingly important area within bibliometrics. This workshop provides an introduction to the principles, tools, practices, and metrics required to undertake a basic citation analysis. 

Aims of the workshop are for participants to achieve,

  • an appreciation of the differences in citation behaviours across scientific disciplines and the consequences for citation analysis 
  • a greater understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the three major citation sources (Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar)
  • a knowledge of the major citation metrics (SciVal 2, InCites, Publish or Perish)
  • a familiarity with some of the key citation rating (percentiles, Field-weighted Citation Score, h-index)

During this workshop we will demonstrate how citation analysis can be used to answer the following questions:

  • how do my faculty/school/research group’s citation rates perform against comparator groups?
  • how can I use citation data to assess the research strengths of my faculty/school/research group?
  • how can I use citation data to identify potential research collaboration opportunities?  
  • how can citation data inform future publication strategies?
Audience:  Any staff who would benefit from a deeper understanding in citation analysis
Format: Presentation/practical exercises
Length:  1 hour 30 mins


SciVal: an introduction

Overview: SciVal is a powerful research performance visualisation tool from Elsevier. This workshop introduces the core functionality of the tool and demonstrates how it can be used to provide citation based evidence to support a variety of research assessment activities.

Aims of the workshop are for participants to achieve,

  • a knowledge of the core functionality of SciVal
  • a deeper understanding of how SciVal can be used to support local research assessment activities
  • the skills to use SciVal to undertake independent research performance analysis

During the workshop we will demonstrate how SciVal can be used to support analyses of citation data related to individual researchers, groups of researchers, and entire institutions.

Types of questions that can be answered using SciVal  include:

  • how do my organisation's citations compare with benchmark institutions?
  • what percentage of my organisation’s papers are uncited?
  • how many external organisations does my organisation co-author papers with?
  • what is the most cited paper in my organisation?
Audience: This workshop is aimed at any staff with a research support role. 
Format: Presentation/practical exercises
Length: 1 hour 30 mins


Attracting an audience, making your mark, and measuring it

Overview:  As the rate of growth in scientific publications increases each year, so competition to attract audiences to research papers becomes ever more fierce.  This workshop outlines some effective promotion strategies which can help to maximise the reach of research works as well as improve a researcher’s personal profile as a trusted expert in their field.

In addition, the workshop introduces some basic citation analysis techniques, which can be used to measure the extent to which promotion strategies are having a positive effect.

Aims of the workshop are for participants to achieve,

  • a greater understanding of the rights of an author to make their research Open Access via an institutional or subject repository
  • a familiarity with the most commonly used social media platforms
  • a knowledge of some effective online promotional strategies
  • a knowledge of the benefits of registering a unique author ID
  • a greater understanding of basic citation analysis techniques
  • a greater understanding of alternative research impact measure (e.g. Altmetrics)

During this workshop we will consider the following questions:

  • which social media platform is the best one for me?
  • how can I find the time to use social media tools to promote my research?
  • how can I maximise access to my research?
  • how do I know if my online promotion strategies are effective?
Audience: This workshop is aimed at all research staff.
Format: Presentation/practical exercises
Length: 2 hours


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