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Allison, Timothy Roy, An historical cohort study of Methodist ministers examining lifespan and socioeconomic status (MSc., University of Manchester, Faculty of Medicine, 1995).

Baker, Eric W., The relation of William Law to John Wesley and the beginnings of Methodism (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 1941).

Baker, Frank, The Rev. William Grimshaw and the eighteenth-century revival of religion in England (University of Nottingham, n.d.).

Batty, Margaret, The contribution of local preachers to the life of the Wesleyan Methodist Church until 1932, and to the Methodist Church after 1932, in England (University of Leeds, 1969).

Bedwell, Ruth, Religious Education: a study of the changes in membership statistics in Methodism in Wokingham, 1950-1990 (BE.d., Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, 1992).

Billington, Raymond J., The liturgical movement and Methodism (n. pl., n.d.).

Bishop, Jennifer, The emergence of Methodism from the Church of England, with special reference to the period after Wesley's death in 1791 (BA, University of Manchester, Religions & Theology, 2007).

Black, David C., Puppets on a string? The wife and daughter of William O'Bryan, founder of the Bible Christian Connexion (BCC), and female preaching within the early movement (A425 Project, 1995).

Black, John, An examination of rural elementary education in north Oxfordshire and west Wiltshire between 1870 and 1902 (University of Manchester, 1981).

Bowmer, John C., Church and ministry in Wesleyan Methodism from the death of John Wesley to the death of Jabez Bunting (n.p., n.d.).

Bowmer, John C., The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper in Early Methodism (University of Leeds, 1949).

Brian, Michael Edmund, Set for Defence: In what ways does the work of Revd. Samuel Wainwright, D.D., (1824-1899) contribute to our understanding of some of the problems of the Victorian Church? (M.A., University of Liverpool, 1999).

Brown, Kenneth Roy, A Theological view of 'retirement from work', with special reference to Industrial and Social Pre-Retirement Education (MA, University of Hull, 1983).

Burdon, Adrian, The Glory of the Methodists. A study of the piety, ethos and development of the Methodist preaching service (M.Phil., University of Manchester, Faculty of Theology, 1988).

Burnham, Jonathan David, The controversial relationship between Benjamin Wills Newton and John Nelson Darby (D.Phil., University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology, 1999).

Casto, Richard Michael, Exegetical Method in John Wesley's Explanatory Notes upon the Old Testament (Duke University, 1977).

Clarke, David Frederick, Benjamin Ingham (1712-1772) (University of Leeds, 1971).

Cleland, I. David, The Development of Wesleyan Methodist Principles and Ideas (1791-1914) (University of Nottingham, 1970).

Currie, R. and Gilbert, A.D., Methodist and General Baptist New Connexion Membership (1800-1907) (Wadham College, University of Oxford, n.d.).

David Wilson, Church and Chapel in Madeley, c. 1760-1785, with special reference to the ministry of John Fletcher  (PhD, University of Manchester, 2010).

Delve, Alfred, The Methodist Hymn Book and its history (n. pl., 1905).

Dobie, Carole C., The Leeds Organ Case. A Study in Methodist Secession (n. pl., n.d.).

Dolbey, George W., The Architectural expression of Methodism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, 2 vols, (MA, 1962).

Dorr, Rev. Donald, The Wesleyan Doctrine of Sin and Salvation (St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Faculty of Theology, 1964).

Downes, J. Cyril, Eschatological doctrines in the writings of John and Charles Wesley (University of Edinburgh, 1960).

Dunlap, Eldon Dale, Methodist Theology in Great Britain in the Nineteenth Century (Yale University, 1956).

Dunlap, Eldon Dale, Bibliography of British Methodist Theology (1900-1967) (St Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, n.d.).

Ellis, Joyce, Apostle or Apostle or Matron? A critical analysis of the patterns of women challenging traditional roles across two charismatic movements; in second century Christianity and in early Methodism (1750-1850) (MA, Lancaster University, 2009).

Ellsworth, Lida Elizabeth, Charles Lowder and the Ritualist movement (Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1974).

Flaschsmeiser, Horst R., John Wesley als Sozialhygieniker und Arzt (Hamburg, 1957).

Forsaith, Peter, The Correspondence of the Revd. John W. Fletcher: letters to the Revd. Charles Wesley, considered in the context of the Evangelical Revival. Edited, with a commentary. (Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University, 2003).

Foster, Winifred, The Methodist Interpretation of Christian Citizenship based on the Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ (St. Katherine's College, London, n.d.).

Francis, Patricia Rose, Wesleyan opposition to Buntingism in Middlesex, 1825-55; with special reference to the importance of the Press (School of Librarianship, Polytechnic of North London, 1980).

Goodhead, Andrew Frank, A Crown and a Cross: The Origins, development and Decline of the Methodist Class Meeting in 18th Century England, 2 vols, (Ph.D. University of Sheffield at Cliff College, 2007). 

Hammond, Geordan, Restoring Primitive Christianity: John Wesley and Georgia, 1735-1737 (Ph.D. University of Manchester, School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, Religions and Theology, 2008).

Harvey, Marvin Ellis, The Wesleyan Movement and the American Revolution (Ph.D, University of Washington, 1962).

Henderson, John Wesley's instructional groups (University of Indiana, Bloomington, 1980, University Microfilms).

Hodgson, Elsie Marjorie, The Poetry of John and Charles Wesley, with special reference to their hymns (University of London, n.d.).

Hunger, Heinz, John Wesleys Anschauung von der Kirche (University of Gottingen, 1931).

Jakobsson, Stiv, Slave Trade in West Africa and West Indies (University of Uppsala, 1972).

Judson, Sandra, Biographical and Descriptive Works on the Rev. John Wesley (University of London, 1963).

Lander, John Kenneth, Tent Methodism: 1814-1832 (Ph.D., Open University, 1999).

Laura Elizabeth Jones, Early Musical Settings of Charles Wesley’s Hymns (MusM/Musicology, University of Manchester, 2010).

Lewis, John James, The Ethics of Judaism in the Hellenistic Period from The Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapa of the Old Testament (University of London, 1958).

Lloyd, Gareth, Charles Wesley: a new evaluation of his life and ministry (Ph.D., University of Liverpool, 2002).

Mackenzie, Peter Donald, The Methodist Class Meeting (University of St Andrews, 1969).

Maycock, Joseph, Augustus Montague Toplady, Hymn writer and Theologian (University of Edinburgh, 1946).

Pearson, Philip Chisholm, Wesleyan Methodism from 1850 to 1900 in relation to the life and thought of the Victorian Age (University of Manchester, 1965).

Pratt, Andrew Edward, The Origin of the Methodist Hymn Book (1933) (Ph.D., University of Liverpool, 2003).

Pritchard, Frank C., The history and development of boys' preparatory schools in England (University of London, 1938).

Pritchard, Frank C., The Methodist contribution to nineteenth century education (University of London, 1947).

Richards, Peter Sidney, Methodism in Wallasey, with special reference to Trinity Methodist Church, Manor Road, Wallasey: a century and a half of the nonconformist conscience in a dormitory suburb, 2 vols, (Ph.D., Greenwich School of Theology, University of Potchefstroom, 1999).

Stephenson, John William, Primitive Methodists, Paulists, and Pentecostals: toward a historical typology of 'declines' and 'decline' of movements of 'Revival' (Doctorate of Theology, Wycliffe College and the University of Ontario, 2000).

Sturdy, Alison Joan, The diffusion of Methodism in rural Lincolnshire: an epidemic (University of Oxford, 1981).

Swift, Wesley F., Methodism in Scotland [notes and rough draft] (n. pl, n.d.).

Terry, James Gordon, The causes and effects of the divisions within Methodism in Bradford 1796-1857 (Ph.D., University of Huddersfield, 1999).

Tibbles, Margaret E., The Influence of the Methodist movement on literacy and libraries in the eighteenth and early nineteenth-centuries (College of Librarianship, Wales, 1971).

Tyrrell, Charles V., Methodist Van Missions (University of Dubuque, Iowa, n.d.).

Watson, Kevin, Primitive Methodism in the United States: A Transatlantic Perspective, 2 vols, (Ph.D., University of Sheffield, 2005).

Wearmouth, Robert Featherstone, Methodism and the Working Classes of England (1800-1850), (University of London, 1935). 

Webb, Robert Charles, The Growth and Importance of the Evangelicals in the Church of England during the nineteenth century (Newland Park College of Education, 1975).

Wright, Margaret Ann, The change role of the Methodist mission in Lambeth (University of London, [1981]).

Yang, Jung, The Doctrine of God in the Theology of John Wesley (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, Dept of Divinity with Religious Studies, 2003).