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Thomas Manson Papers

Date range: 1910-1967.

Papers of the Rev. Thomas Walter Manson (1893-1958), a distinguished New Testament scholar and minister of the Presbyterian Church of England.

Manson trained for the ministry at Westminster College, Cambridge, and was ordained in 1925.

In 1932 he was appointed Yates Professor of New Testament Greek and Exegesis at Mansfield College, Oxford, resigning in 1936 to take up the post of Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis in the University of Manchester, a position which he held until his death in 1958.

In 1953 he was elected Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of England, which united with the Congregational Church in 1972 to form the United Reformed Church.

Most of Manson’s writings are in the field of New Testament studies (he served on the New Testament and Apocrypha panels for the New English Bible), but he was also an authority on Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Coptic and Ethiopic texts, and had a particular interest in the Septuagint.

The collection consists mainly of:

There is also material relating to the Manson Memorial Lectures, 1962-1967.

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