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China Securities Market and Accounting Research (CSMAR)


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About China Securities Market and Accounting Research (CSMAR)

CSMAR (GTA Data Online) provides access to the following 24 datasets:

Stock Market Data:

  1. China Stock Market Trading Database
  2. China Securities Market Indices Research Database
  3. China Special Treatment and Particular Transfer Share Research Database
  4. China Stock Market Volume Trade Database
  5. China Securities Market Block Trade Database
  6. China Stock Trading Suspension and Resumption Research Database
  7. China Stock Market Equity Division Reform Research Database
  8. China Stock Market Initial Public Offering Research Database
  9. China Cash and Stock Dividends Research Database
  10. China Seasoned New Issue and Rights Offering Research Database

Corporate Data:

  1. China Stock Market Financial Statement Research Database
  2. China Listed Firms Corporate Governance Research Database
  3. China Stock Market Analyst Forecasts Database
  4. China Listed Firms Bank Loans Research Database
  5. China Listed Firms Shareholders Research Database
  6. China Listed Firms Merger & Acquisition, Asset Restructuring Research Database
  7. China Stock Market Related Party Transaction Research Database
  8. CSRCs Enforcement Actions Research Database
  9. China Listed Firms State-owned Shares Auction and Transfer Research Database
  10. China Listed Non-state-owned Enterprise Database
  11. China Annual, Interim and Quarterly….Reports Announcement Dates Research Database
  12. China Bond Market Database
  13. China Stock Market Financial Database - Audit Opinion
  14. China Bank Research Database -Finance

Access to China Securities Market and Accounting Research (CSMAR)

China Securities Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR) - No username for off-campus access. Use VPN.