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Richard Waddy (1769-1853)

Richard Waddy was born at Bilton in Yorkshire. He joined a Methodist class at the age of eighteen and shortly afterwards became a local preacher. Waddy entered the Wesleyan itinerancy in 1793 and served circuits in England and Scotland until superannuation in 1847. He spent his final years in Southampton.

Waddy wroteA Vindication of the Methodists in a letter to the Rev. T. Y. Derby (1804) and The Christian Soldier's Manual (1815).

His son Samuel Dousland Waddy (1804-76) also entered the Wesleyan ministry and served as President of Conference in 1859. Samuel's son Samuel Danks Waddy was a Gladstonian Liberal Member of Parliament.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1853, Encyclopedia of World Methodism (1974) and Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, edited by Donald Lewis (1995)

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