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John Anthony Vazeille (fl.1766-1768)

John Anthony Vazeille was the son of Anthony and Mary Vazeille and stepson of John Wesley. He entered the service of the East India Company in 1766 as a commissioned officer in the army of the Bengal Presidency. Shortly after his arrival in the sub-continent he is recorded as being among those officers who resigned their commissions in protest at the withdrawel of certain financial subsidies which were known as Battas. This de facto mutiny was quelled after direct action by Lord Robert Clive and Vazeille successfully petitioned for the restoration of his rank. In 1768 he participated in the campaign in central India against the Nizam of Hyderabad, but thereafter disappears from the historical record.

Source: Captain Arthur Broome, History of the Rise and Progress of the Bengal Army (1850), Volume 1, 578 and Wesley family papers (MARC)

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