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Mrs Tripp (1720-96)


Mrs Tripp was born in Bedfield, Suffolk. Her family background and even her maiden and Christian names are not recorded in Methodist sources. At the age of twenty-one she moved to Mendham where she became housekeeper to a Mr Shepherd. She was converted in 1745 by the preaching of the baptist minister Mr Simmonds. A short time later, she moved on to Lowestoft to become the housekeeper to a grocer and fish merchant by the name of Ibrooke. They were married seven years later and had two children. After they had been married for ten years, her husband died.

John Wesley preached in Lowestoft in October 1764 and he was followed into the area a short time later by the itinerants John Pawson and Daniel Bumstead. Despite severe persecution, the widow Ibrooke was the first to offer hospitality to the preachers.

In 1766 she married fellow Methodist Thomas Tripp, twenty-two years her junior.

Her obituary describes her as possessing 'a meek and quiet spirit, easy and resigned to the will of God in all things&the sweetness of her temper, her obliging disposition, and eminent piety, secured the affection of all who knew her'.

She died on January 19 1796 following a short illness.

Source: Arminian Magazine 1799, 224-226.

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