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Mary Tooth (1777-1843)

Mary Tooth. Virtually nothing is known of the life of Mary Tooth before she moved to Madeley as Mary Bosanquet-Fletcher's companion. Based on the evidence of correspondence within the Fletcher-Tooth collection, this move took place in about 1809. There is also in existence a letter of 1798 addressed to Miss Tooth at a boarding school at Shiffnall in Shropshire. The contents of the letter indicate that she was already very concerned with spiritual matters. As she had at least one sister also living in Madeley, it may be assumed that the family were native to Shropshire.

Mary Tooth was the last of Bosanquet-Fletcher's live-in companions and confidants and also acted as her executrix. She was very active in Methodist affairs in the Madeley and Bridgnorth area in her own right. After Bosanquet-Fletcher's death in 1815, she continued to correspond widely and was active in promoting the role played by women. Tooth herself was preaching as late as the 1830s and her obituary in the Methodist Magazine states that she was acting as a leader for three classes until a few days before her death on November 15th 1843.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1843 and Fletcher-Tooth papers (MARC)

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