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Christopher [Christian] Sundius (1754-1835)


Christopher [Christian] Sundius was born in Sweden, the son of a minister. He was educated privately before attending university and Naval College. He obtained a commission in the Swedish army before travelling to England and offering his services to the British. Sundius served in the Royal Navy until 1780 when he was ordered by his own government to enter the French service. He refused and continued his service in the British Navy until a short time after his first marriage in 1782.

Sundius attended services at the Foundery in 1777 and was converted in 1780 whereupon he joined the class of the preacher John Atlay.

In about 1800 Sundius, who had an extensive knowledge of foreign languages, was appointed translator to the Admiralty, a post that he retained until 1829.

In 1804, Sundius became one of the founder members of the British and Foreign Bible Society and was among the first promotors and directors of the London Missionary Society. He was also a trustee of the Swedish Protestant Church in London and assisted in the formation of the Society of Friends of Foreigners in Distress.

Two years after the death of his first wife in 1796, Sundius married Jane Vazeille Smith, the step-grandaughter of John Wesley. Each of his wives bore him nine children.

Sundius died in March 1831 and was buried in the family vault in City Road Chapel.

 Source: City Road Chapel, London, and its Associations... by George J. Stevenson (London 1872),472-474.

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