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Joseph Stinson (1801-62)

Joseph Stinson was born in Leicestershire. After working as a local preacher, he was sent as a missionary to Canada in 1823. He returned to England in 1828 but after just one year in home circuit work, was appointed to Gibraltar. Stinson went back to Canada in 1833 as General Superintendent of the Missions. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1838. Stinson again came back to England in 1840 after the separation of the English and Canadian Churches. He worked in home circuits and at the same time did much to promote the reunion of the English and Canadian Conferences which took place in 1847. Stinson returned to Canada in 1857 as President of Conference, an office that he held until 1861.

Source: Hill's Arrangement 1862 and Encyclopedia of World Methodism (1974)

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