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Bernard Sewell (1906-81)

Bernard Sewell was born of Methodist parentage in Deal, Kent.

He was educated at Westminster College and after a short time as a teacher in England, he was appointed Principal of the Methodist High School in Mandalay, Burma.

In 1933 he returned home to train for the ministry at Wesley House Cambridge, after which he went back to Burma as a missionary. He was married in 1937 to Joyce Morton-George in Mandalay.

In the wake of the Japanese invasion in 1941, the Sewell family made the difficult trek to India and after months of waiting sailed for England. Their ship was torpedoed and after their rescue the family was landed in South Africa, where Sewell spent the rest of the war as a minister in Durban.

He finally returned to England in 1946 and laboured as a circuit minister until superannuation in 1974.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1982

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