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Isabella Rutherford (d.1817)



Isabella Rutherford was the wife of the Wesleyan itinerant Thomas Rutherford (1752-1806) and was herself a member of the Methodist society for over forty years. Little is known of the details of her life as the only published biographical memoir concentrates almost exclusively on the last few weeks before her death on 16th October 1817. However, a passing reference in a published history of London Methodism reveals that her maiden name was Young and that she was of a respectable family resident in Coleraine, Ireland. The two probably met when Rutherford was stationed in Londonderry and Lisburn between 1779 and 1781. Isabella's sister Ann was the first wife of the prominent Methodist minister Henry Moore.

After her husband's death, Isabella took up residence in London and had been in declining health for some time before her death, which took place while visiting her daughter in Leeds.

Isabella and Thomas Rutherford had several children including adult daughters called Isabella, Jane and Theodosia. There were also grandchildren.

Source: Methodist Magazine 1819, 762 and George John Stevenson, City Road Chapel, London, and its Associations, Historical, Biographical, and Memorial (1872), 430.

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