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Ronald David Rees (1888-1975)

Ronald David Rees was born in Weston-super-Mare, the son of a Wesleyan minister.

He was educated at Trinity College Oxford and after graduate studies in Theology at Mansfield College, was accepted for the Methodist ministry in 1913. He was immediately appointed assistant tutor at Handsworth College and after two years there, spent five years serving with the Student Christian Movement. During this period he also saw service in France during World War 1 as an officer in the Royal Artillery.

In 1922, Rees was appointed to the staff of Lingnan University, Canton, China. From 1930 to 1947, he worked with the National Christian Council of China. After his return to England, he served as the International Secretary of the British Council of Churches and then as the Secretary of the Appointments Board of the Institute of Christian Education.

Reese superannuated in 1953, although he continued to work with the Institute of Christian Education until 1963. For a time he was also Chairman of the United Nations Association's Committee on Africa and the non-self governing countries and was also on the executive of the East-West Friendship Council. Rees was also a member of the governing body of the Council of Christians and Jews.

During his long ministry, Rees had the unusual distinction of never having a circuit appointment.

Source: Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference 1976

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