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Jane Pattison (fl.1800-1842)

Jane Pattison was the wife of the Wesleyan missionary Richard Pattison. Her maiden name and details of her early life are unknown. She married Pattison in August 1799 on the island of Jersey and the couple left soon after to take up an appointment in the West Indies. On their outward voyage, they narrowly escaped capture by a Spanish privateer.

Richard Pattison served on several West Indian islands namely Tortola, Antigua and Barbadoes. He was also appointed to Dominica in 1804 and the couple's ship arrived outside the main harbour just as a French fleet came into sight. Their ship managed to escape and continued to Barbadoes where the couple spent the last two years of their overseas ministry.

The Pattisons returned home in 1806 and served in a number of English circuits until superannuation in 1835. They retired to Cheetham Hill in Manchester where Richard died after a short illness on December 29 1839. His widow wrote a memoir of his life for the Methodist Magazine, which was printed in 1842. At that time, she was still living in Cheetham Hill, but disappears from Methodist sources thereafter.

At the time of Richard's death, the couple had at least one daughter and probably three sons whose names are recorded in the Kingswood School registers as John Gilbert and Theophilus (both subsequently warehousemen in Manchester) and Richard who became a journalist.

Mrs Pattison was a close friend of the female evangelists Martha Gregson and Sarah Boyce. She visited them in Norfolk in 1833 and it is evident from the primary sources that she exercised a public ministry in her own right that may have included preaching. Gregson described her as 'a deeply pious, sensible woman, [with] a great talent for speaking to the people...many of her people were brought into the liberty of sanctification whilst she was in this neighbourhood'.

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