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George Robson Osborn (1905-79)

George Robson Osborn was born in Sheffield and was educated at the Leys School and Kings College, Cambridge. He trained for the Wesleyan ministry at Wesley House, Cambridge, and in 1930 was appointed to the China mission. For three years he worked with the Y.M.C.A. in Peking and then taught at the Wuchang Wesley Middle School. In 1937 he was placed in charge of a refugee camp and remained there until the camp was overrun by the Japanese. During the war Osborn was interned at Langhwa and was head of the camp school. Despite the terrible conditions he achieved standards of education comparable to those in Britain.

In 1945 he went back to Wuchang and apart from a period of home furlough, remained in China until well after the Communist takeover. He returned to England in 1951 and served as Secretary of the Methodist Education Committee (later Department) until his retirement in 1970. He did much valuable work in the field of ecumenical co-operation with the Church of England as well as helping to expand the Methodist teacher training colleges.

After his retirement Osborn remained active in the educational field and the United Nations Association.

Source: Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference 1980

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