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George Morley (1772-1843)

George Morley was born at Calverton near Nottingham. He entered the Wesleyan itinerancy in 1792 and exercised an active circuit ministry until 1823.

Morley was deeply involved in the foreign mission field and played a leading role was in raising funds to sponsor Dr Thomas Coke's mission to India.

He was also instrumental with Jabez Bunting in the establishment of the Methodist Auxiliary Missionary Society for the Leeds District in 1813, which was the first of its type.

In 1821 Morley appointed one of the General Treasurers of the Wesleyan Missionary Society and in 1824 became the Secretary of the Society.

Morley was elected President of Conference in 1830 and in 1831 became Governor of Woodhouse Grove School, a position that he retained until his death.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1844

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